Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Window of Happiness Turns 1

Hi! I wake up energetic today,  weekend has been a good one. We are together as family and has a bonding moment sight seeing, eating ,and giggling at home. To add up the spice it's one year anniversary of my blog today! yay! so happy! I can't believe that I can come up this far! Even though there are times that I can't update regularly, this routine really makes me happy. Aside from the fact that I'm gaining a lot of friends locally and from different parts of the world, I became attach and knowing  them by reading their post.Such a nice feeling and gave so much positive thoughts in my daily life. Some gave so much inspiration, that even though I'm an at home mom it won't stop me to become stylist as well. These blog is a self expression and  help me to discover different cultures and values. To add it up it's like that I'm travelling around the globe by means of reading. I really love this and thank you for making a part of one year. A year  full of discoveries of different STORIES, CULTURES, FOODS and FASHION.

In addition, aside from anniversary that making me smile in grin, my long time time love LongChamp Darshan in pink arrived two days ago, some sort of self gift ...and love it!



  1. omg I LOVE that Longchamp bag! I love it whenever they do prints on their classic totes - I've never seen this print before, great buy! Enjoy :)

  2. happy first anniversary!! i must say both of these are so yummy! x0

  3.  Thanks Diana for your greeting!

  4.  Hi Katherine! Ya I must say I waited for months for that LongChamp Darshan to arrived from the first time I saw it from preview last year for their spring collection. The wait is all worth it! Glad you like it too. Thanks!


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