Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Hello readers! How are you doing? Again sorry for the sudden disappearing. June started in a very stressful week. My youngest daughter got into hospital.Again thanks to all of you who gave well wishers. Aside from  school years starts so I've been a busy mom again. In addition ,giving  part of my time  to my new ventures "it bag & shuz" at facebook that is tiring but fulfilling as well. However though I can't update you in writing a post, I see to it that if I'm available, I find time reading post. It's really like a vitamins that give me a boost  to unwind.:)

I have so many thoughts in mind to post for you guys and I will find myself time to do  it as soon as I can. I thought  I can give you update as soon as July comes, however, while hitting the first week of July I have fever and flu..well how is that? Bad right? But don't worry I'm okay now and really miss doing my blogging routine.

For the mean time I want to show you all the photos below that I gathered thru a month and half that I'm away, some sort of an update.:)

Photos at the hospital with Iya, my youngest and her sis posing for picture and big bro  preparing for her  milk.
At the reception, Christening of my bff's "unica hija"
Happy to be a godmother of this cute little girl name Angel Glennise
Souvenir photo with one godmother and Angel's mom
Bonding with kids to watch Transformers3 in 3D
To have a stress free moments, talking + laughing + eating with my other half will do the trick.

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  1. you look great! glad to hear you and the daughter are ok! sounds like a lot on  your plate, but take your time so that you don't get burned out!



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