Friday, July 29, 2011

Double Up: Quick Moment

Yesterday went to the City for some medical appoinment and in between glad to have time to lunch out with my  bestie. One way to unwind  after  day to day workload. Parenting is so much fun and fulfilling but having once a week girls day or night out is something that gives me a boost.;) 

We met in our favorite "to go"mall and ask her to try the food at the newly open vietnamese resto. I'm more into spicy and she is not so I ordered the beef brisket for her with lot of sauce on it. We finish with full stomach after the dessert. Glad they open up a branch nearer and  much easier for me to eat whenever I crave for their array of sumptouos food. The interior of the branch is much more beautiful than the branch where my husband and I usually dine so I must say this will be a new favorite place.

Want to have a dainty feel so I wear a white top.Looks like the mannequin and I have the same look.:)
View on the center of the mall- one thing that keeps me loving the place
..and another shot

Love the corner with overlooking area, and the chandelier makes the resto look cozy
Mango Crepe, seperate the ice cream please.Don't want it ala mode
Love my LongChamp!
A yellow version of Darshan for her
Shopping time! while bff's on the fitting room I'm here taking a snapshot on my toes.nail polish in Orly green envy

Do you and your friend also have a favorite place to go? Where do you usually go for your bonding moment?


  1. I love your white top - it is very dainty :) The matching Longchamp bags are lovely! 

  2. Your bag is so amazing! And that crepe looks so delcious :)


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