Sunday, May 22, 2011

Window of Happiness: What I am loving Right Now

I have so many things in mind right now that I want to impart with you guys. Thinking of this  makes me happy, alive and inspired! :)

Love to bake chocolate souffle with kids, bonding time for us and incredibly delicious! I hope there's guiltless ingredients
Three years ago I planted lemon tree in our old place, Now I'm planning  to do it again in our yard..Maybe a lemon and grapefruit tree. Thinking I have this tree in our yard  makes me overwhelm.
When I first saw this Cambridge Satchel in black color I'm not amazed. However when I saw Carolina of Fashion Squad having this kind of green satchel makes me WANT for one. Love how color of GREEN  it is.
I've been a user of L'occitane Almond Shower oil and happy about the benefits it does to my skin. The result that makes my  skin soft, firm and tone. Now I want to add Almond Delicious paste for ultimate result.
 Miss Dior Cherie is a long time love. Maybe purchase it sooner if having a chance.Any feedback regarding this one? Does anyone of you tried this scent?
Just thinking to have a house beside a tree  makes a feeling of serene for me. The airy breeze and the sound of peaceful.


  1. Love all of these images - especially the souffle and that mint green satchel! Followed your lovely blog :)

  2. Great list! That first picture is making me hungry! Good that you were able to bond with your kids! :)

  3. pinklemonincrystalMay 30, 2011 at 5:36 PM

    i so want those cambridge satchels :)
    and thanks always for your nice comments!
    about the question... koreans are very interested in taking good care of skin
    so they spend lots of time and money on cosmetics and skin care products i guess? haha thank you!

  4. glad to see you like cambridge satchels. They come with free world shipping and 10% off. You can get more info on my site :)


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