Saturday, May 21, 2011

Teal and Nails

A few days ago just drop by to nearby mall to buy some things then visit The Face Shop to replenish my stocks of face mask. Thinking to buy some nail polish by O.P.I or Essie makes a little bit depressing cause I need to go to 45 minutes drive to purchase one, and when I'm there I always forgot to purchase! Oh my! Apparently there's so many things to consider to buy,  that's why I'm out of my mind! hahaha  I wish our local drug store here could able to sell such brands. So as a try, I purchased 3 bottles of nail polish from the face shop. Much cheaper though and elated to have a teal color. ( long time love )They renew the packaging bottle so the two differ from the rest. I purchase teal, lilac and coral. ( BL603,PP401,RD301 ) Still  want to try out O.P.I and Essie if able to go thru big malls, and hopefully I won't forget this time..I think I should take ginko biloba to sharpen my memory for that hahaha. :)

The texture is lighter than Orly (what I'm using) so you must be a good swiper to achieve good result:)

Photo above courtesy of google

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  1. Great colour! Especially since summer is coming!


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