Thursday, May 26, 2011

Get Together

Hello there! I have a question to all of you,have you ever had the chance to be with your elementary and high school buddies again? The excitement and the flash back of memories are so good to reminisce, right? It's a feeling that you bring back to your younger years again. Later this month, our batch  organize a get together meeting for our grand reunion to be held late this year. Actually this is not the first time that the meeting happens, but it is the only time that I'm able to attend. tsk!The meetings was made  into two parts; The one who are in the city ( that's us ) and in provincial base, so technology really help.. we chat thru skype. So the event will be a two days affair, It is a fun night and we tackled so much, atleast now we have a scheduled date for our grand reunion. Our friends and classmates who's in abroad will be glad to know the news, they can now booked  their plane ticket to come home. So excited for this!

You can click the photo to enlarge

Have a great weekend to all! God bless! :)


  1. Beautiful photos! You ladies all look lovely :)

  2. looks like you had a great time! it's always nice to have reunions with old friends :)

  3. pinklemonincrystalMay 28, 2011 at 2:52 AM

    seems like a great time :) have a great weekend!

  4. Great plan! I believe everyone must be very excited and looking forward for the day of your reunion. :)

  5.  @ Jolly Princess :  You're right about that,can't wait for the grand reunion to come. Keep you posted.:)

  6. It's always nice to meet old friends! ;)


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