Thursday, May 26, 2011

Get Together

Hello there! I have a question to all of you,have you ever had the chance to be with your elementary and high school buddies again? The excitement and the flash back of memories are so good to reminisce, right? It's a feeling that you bring back to your younger years again. Later this month, our batch  organize a get together meeting for our grand reunion to be held late this year. Actually this is not the first time that the meeting happens, but it is the only time that I'm able to attend. tsk!The meetings was made  into two parts; The one who are in the city ( that's us ) and in provincial base, so technology really help.. we chat thru skype. So the event will be a two days affair, It is a fun night and we tackled so much, atleast now we have a scheduled date for our grand reunion. Our friends and classmates who's in abroad will be glad to know the news, they can now booked  their plane ticket to come home. So excited for this!

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Have a great weekend to all! God bless! :)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Window of Happiness: What I am loving Right Now

I have so many things in mind right now that I want to impart with you guys. Thinking of this  makes me happy, alive and inspired! :)

Love to bake chocolate souffle with kids, bonding time for us and incredibly delicious! I hope there's guiltless ingredients
Three years ago I planted lemon tree in our old place, Now I'm planning  to do it again in our yard..Maybe a lemon and grapefruit tree. Thinking I have this tree in our yard  makes me overwhelm.
When I first saw this Cambridge Satchel in black color I'm not amazed. However when I saw Carolina of Fashion Squad having this kind of green satchel makes me WANT for one. Love how color of GREEN  it is.
I've been a user of L'occitane Almond Shower oil and happy about the benefits it does to my skin. The result that makes my  skin soft, firm and tone. Now I want to add Almond Delicious paste for ultimate result.
 Miss Dior Cherie is a long time love. Maybe purchase it sooner if having a chance.Any feedback regarding this one? Does anyone of you tried this scent?
Just thinking to have a house beside a tree  makes a feeling of serene for me. The airy breeze and the sound of peaceful.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Teal and Nails

A few days ago just drop by to nearby mall to buy some things then visit The Face Shop to replenish my stocks of face mask. Thinking to buy some nail polish by O.P.I or Essie makes a little bit depressing cause I need to go to 45 minutes drive to purchase one, and when I'm there I always forgot to purchase! Oh my! Apparently there's so many things to consider to buy,  that's why I'm out of my mind! hahaha  I wish our local drug store here could able to sell such brands. So as a try, I purchased 3 bottles of nail polish from the face shop. Much cheaper though and elated to have a teal color. ( long time love )They renew the packaging bottle so the two differ from the rest. I purchase teal, lilac and coral. ( BL603,PP401,RD301 ) Still  want to try out O.P.I and Essie if able to go thru big malls, and hopefully I won't forget this time..I think I should take ginko biloba to sharpen my memory for that hahaha. :)

The texture is lighter than Orly (what I'm using) so you must be a good swiper to achieve good result:)

Photo above courtesy of google

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Great Week

We had celebrations these past few days. It's my eldest son's birthday and we stay in the house,  had quality time, added some cakes and candles to make the day differ from the rest. After a couple of days or so we had a post mother's day celebration and watch Justin Bieber concert worldwide tour. With me is my eldest daughter and youngest son. Oh my! Kids howling like wolves when Justine Bieber's came out and whenever he performs! Of course my daughter's included to them haha! It was a fun night. I also saw some local celebrities that I adore in terms of fashion, no other than Lucy Torres-Gomez and her handsome husband Richard Gomez. She's so kind to give permission to take a shot with her.  So many gorgeous hot mommas who's  has a great fashion sense,simple but elegant. I know Justine Bieber is definitely for kids but I do enjoy watching him perform. Such an adrenaline high evening added that my kids enjoy and love him so much!.:)

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I want to greet all MOMS Happy Mother's day! I salute each and everyone of you who nurture their child to be the best that they can be.To be on their side to support, and to pat their shoulder when they need a boost. Lucky are those who still have moms on their side..nothing beats mother's love.To my Mom I miss you so much!  I want to tell you where ever you are  you will remain in our hearts..forever! We Love you.

Happy Mother's day to all MOMS! Enjoy your day!

By the way did anyone of you  watch the film MOTHERHOOD by Uma Thurman? I able to see it  months ago and keep me teary eyed..uummm kinda relate on some situation and things..motherly stuff.  So If you gonna celebrate at home with the kids and looking for something to watch I think it's great a movie for you.:)


Thursday, May 5, 2011

Family Outing

Last weekend we had a chance to go out of town. This was the  first outing for summer as a  complete family. We are very excited aside from the fact that this will be the first time of my youngest to go on swimming. We really enjoy it a lot! Have lots of fun and eating here and there. But the most important thing is the memories that will  be added in our life. I really enjoy summer vacation and seeing my kids enjoy more than the way me and my husband do. I hope there will be a  follow up outing like this one. Less than a  month from now and another school year starts, so we have to maximize the time left  to relax and unwind until we still have time.


Hope you all enjoying  your Spring/ Summer season whenever you are! Regards and thanks for dropping by.
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