Friday, April 29, 2011

It bag & Shuz : My New Baby :)

Been busy for a couple of weeks, and absent on my twice to thrice a week  post as I've told you in my last post.The reason behind all this is that, my free time was used in an on line shop.

I was offered by a relative and a friend, whom I must say in terms of bag is an absolutely fanatic like me and have a good eye on such. I think we called it-our passion! The idea was brought into planning and action then IT BAG & SHUZ at Facebook was born.  I easily agree on the concept cause I know from the fact that we are not the only gurls who loves bags and shoes, right?They say it's nicer to venture on things that you love, it will not be an obligation and you can give your 100% support and dedication, do you agree with that? I think this venture answers to what I'm looking and praying for. The type that will not interfere  my domestic life and can get into my kind of lifestyle. Let's face it! It's nicer to have money of your buy more bags! yey! whooo! Oh kidding aside, in fairness to JC ( my husband ) he's supportive in everything that I do and I'm very thankful to that!:) Anyway we cater branded bags and shoes from United Kingdom and then ship to the Philippines for disbursement. So to all of you out there most  specially the one in the Philippines you're more than welcome to be our client.  Here's some teaser..:)

So for any inquiries just search IT BAG & SHUZ fan page @ Facebook.  Have a good weekend  everybody!                                                     


  1. love them all :)

  2. That sounds so exciting! Congrats and good luck with your store!

  3. Really is Sam! Thanks so much!

  4. I'm glad you like it.:)


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