Sunday, April 24, 2011

Good to be back :)

Happy Easter to all!

Hello there! It's been a while since the last post. Sorry for the sudden disappearing, You know it's summer and there's so many to do list aside from mom's work ,and my new project kills  most of my  time. But I miss you all so with your post. After posting I will find my time to read your articles that I missed.:)

 I want to share that finally after almost nineteen years I was able to go back to my hometown again! I was invited by one of my batch mate and friend in high school  to visit her place and also one of a friend will celebrate his birthday. I think that was the right time for me to go back. When I'm on my way, my heart is pouring in excitement to see the place where I grew up, after 8 hours of long drive I'm elated to see the first  town near my far as I remember I'm teary eyed I guess..tears of happiness:) Do I sound corny? well I think I'm just to emotional..and very nostalgic.:) I also tag along with me my eldest daughter and my youngest son. Like me , they are all excited to see where I came from and where the values I thought to them originated.Here are some photos that I want to share with you.

Happy to take a picture infront of the Church where I used to attend  mass and novena in my early years
at the garage of my friends house
Can't help to take a pic here at the Porch-It's a garage actually but it looks like a porch to me-the chair is so beautiful and comfy
Wacky pics with my friends and our kids..Have so much fun! look at me-obviously isn't it?
One part of the house of my friend-her kitchen!Love it! Her house is fantastic but due to some privacy I can't share some pics.
at noon we have time to relax and have some spa-superb! 
Meet my friends! We had a great time chatting :)
Place outside the town that I only saw for the first time=In time for Holy Week
The Chapel-outside shot
The Holy Eucharist
Can't help but to pose with Mama Mary with my daughter
and another
Nice shot with the kids
Perfect smile- Thanks A  for your hospitality
At night dine and wine with friends-looking back good old days
 Amazing vacation! Really overwhelm.:) 
I wish we could stay for more days to see some of our friends,but due to hectic schedule we can not. Maybe some other time, but for the moment I will treasure all this memories for a lifetime.


  1. Happy Easter! Welcome back to the Worldwide Web. Great photos! Thanks for sharing your great friends. They are lovely as you are.

  2. Thanks so much Ms. Jp. You are right aside from blogging I miss reading too! Looking forward to read your post.

  3. how exciting to be able to visit after all these were things as you remembered? changed?
    thanks for the birthday wishes for mini-he! the lipstick i was wearing in the guest post is "up the amp" from MAC. one of my favorites right now!

  4. wow you look like my friend diane love your fashion and just everything about your blog. hope to see more of it.

  5. Hi! Balintocatoc Shrine yan? I lived in Santiago for a few months many years ago, and have lots of fond memories of the place.

  6. Oh really?! What a coincidence! I just saw the place when I visited there this month, there's no place like that before and I'm sorry if I can't remember the name..Is that Baluarte that they called? or maybe you're right as Balintocatoc..keep me now thinking huh..:) It's really nice to be back again after so many years! I know when you go and visit you will be happy and excited as I am too. BTW I lived there for 10 years, in Centro.:)

  7. Oh thanks ! I must visit her site too and see. :)

  8. @ Becks you are right! So excited and thrilled .:) just have some changes in some houses, buildings and additional food establishments. Thanks for telling about the mac lipstick. Regards to your mini-he.:)


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