Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hello Summer!

It's March! The start of summer here in the Philippines! Yey! Almost everybody booked for their out of town vacation,  to have fun at the beach or nature tripping.  As for many, summer is also the most awaited season here in the Philippines. So get ready to pack  your things and enjoy the heat of the season!

A must see place in the Country is the white sand of Boracay, nature tripping in Bohol and the subterrenean river in Palawan , a must travel place among families, group friends and tourists aside from  delicious food.  So like us who enjoy the warm season in the Country, hope you too could able to enjoy your vacation in a place that you want to go. Have fun!

Can't wait for the exciting getaway of my family after doing this post! I am thrilled to have a vacation and to spend nature tripping with my love ones. An exciting bonding time for all of us..and a stress free moment..oh love summer! 

What suppose to be your plan vacation guys? :)    

Beaches, hotel and scenic photos courtesy of google images                                      


  1. oooo I'm so jealous! I would love to be in the phillipines... :O

  2. Wow, looks gorgeous! We don't have summer for another couple months...wish I was there!

  3. Looove summer and seaside! I can't wait for warm temperatures! :)

    Your blog is amazing! Follow! Follow back? <3


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