Monday, March 28, 2011


Hello my dear readers! Sorry for not posting lately. Just busy with some events and my spare time was used with some parental concern. But I find time to tweet about whats happening so that I can  update some of you who follow me on twitter. Added that I have some difficulty in mind about what had happened to our neighboring Country Japan-I know so do all of you. I have some friends who are residents of Japan and when I heard about the news I immediately contacted them to know their situation. I'm glad that they're okay and not harm by tsunami nor earthquake. However I felt bad about what happened to other victims but I know there are reason behind all  these things ,I just continue to pray. Filipinos giving part to help by donating thru Philippine Red Cross, 7-11 and thru texting amount of  donation thru service provider like Globe.


On the brighter side, last week I have the chance to go out with my friend together with her bff ( best friend forever ) Just have some shopping for summer stuff and I just bought shades from promod which is a good buy. Admittedly I have a hard time wearing shades since I do wear eyeglasses all the time. But for summer reason I purchased one. We had a great time shopping,  window shopping and dine out. It's a great time and can't wait for our meet-ups again next month. I just felt sad that whenever there's  memorable moment like this I always forgot to take my camera with me-bad timing! So we just take pictures thru iphone.
Got my new LongChamp Le Pliage Spring Collection in Curry! Yey!
Aviator shades from Promod

Speaking of events, Want to share good news-just a proud mom.:) Two days ago I attended  the recognition day of my son. He got two medals which is  math wizard and promising athlete of the year. Got teary eyed when the ceremony starts. Time flies really fast. Thank God that I had given a chance to witnessed all the hardship and achievements in life of my kids. It's an experienced and memories I will treasure for the rest of my life. 

With my Son


So then what keeps you busy this past few weeks?

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Power Of "Me Time"

On my teen age years I think I found my "me time" moment while walking to my grandpa's place or my father's house. For me it's my sanctuary to meditate on things while walking and seeing  beautiful scenery of nature. Thru that I find my way to what I want in life and it does give sense up to this day. From then on  I find walking an activity that I enjoy .I don't know if how important is "me time" to you gurls. After staying at home  for almost a decade now I knew "me time" really works. It's not that I don't like to be with my kids or I fed up over the household chores, but I think everyone deserves a break from what she is doing. It's a therapy  for some stressful moments . I know moms can agree to this idea. For single gurls, I know working in an office hours  with so much deadlines also wants to be rejuvenated once in a while as a treat for self, maybe watch a movie or eating out.

When I'm still working what I looked forward  is a  time for my monthly facial so with a hair cut or a trim perhaps. I also love to eat alone and see new things and new places. I enjoy the moment to window shop and give myself a privilege of buying something. It made my day in that sense. Now that I am a mom and stuck in the house, my favorite activity on my " me time" moment is having a spa-body massage preferably, of course monthly facial is still on my list. Having a cup of hot brewed coffee while eating bread  after my malling I not sounding too old for this one? When I'm still in my 20's I remember that I always wanted to order for a cold one at coffee shop now I prefer hot! ohh does it comes with age? That choices also differ? :)

I also used "Me time" for meditating. Thinking back on things, played it back on my memories so I know what will I need to improve or what  I should do.It does make sense.

By the way what's your "me time" activity then? Does this concept also works for you?

Photos courtesy of google except cupcakes shop which is a personal shot.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Just A Small Master Closet :)

Think it's time to have my own! It's been over a decade since I'm sharing my closet with my husband.:0 Looking over, for a couple of years now we're adding stuff that we bought for ourselves ME on BAGS and HIM on SHOES . So to stop our funny discussions that he looks like a squatter  in our  own room... girls have always a bigger space that's why hahaha. For years my shoes  stuck on their boxes lying on one side of the room or on the floor while my bags under my closet cabinet. Sad isn't it? A little room might do as long as it's chic and nice to stay while I'm in there. Aside from the BATHROOM which is my COMFORT ZONE, the KITCHEN which I called my FAVORITE SPOT, I think  I will call  MASTER CLOSET  my STRESS RELIEVER room. Staring on my favorite pieces will make my day! How is that?

These are the things that I wanted to have on my closet:

                             1. A comfy chair where I can seat:)
                             2. A good lighting-a nice and beautiful drop light or mini chandelier will do
                             3. A cabinet for my perfume, jewelry  and accessories
                             4.  Shelves for my shoes and bags
                             5. Cabinets/shelves for my wardrobe
                             6. A full size mirror
                             7. Vanity Table? I'm still on the process of asking myself on this one. I want to have one, but honestly I don't like the fuss of staring myself for a long time in the mirror, it makes me SCARED! Hopefully I could able to overcome this fear. For several years I have a dresser but don't seat in front of it so I decided to give it to a friend. So let's see if  VANITY TABLE will make a progress on my list.Gurls  do you have certain feelings like me regarding this one? If so please do tell, sometimes it's freakin' me out!hahaha. Below is some inspirational photos from google.They have a huge size of master closet that is really a WOW!, mine will  be smaller, my numbers of shoes and bags is differ from the figure of their huge collections!:)
Nicky Hilton's closet
I think this size will do-for me-alone! hahaha


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hello Summer!

It's March! The start of summer here in the Philippines! Yey! Almost everybody booked for their out of town vacation,  to have fun at the beach or nature tripping.  As for many, summer is also the most awaited season here in the Philippines. So get ready to pack  your things and enjoy the heat of the season!

A must see place in the Country is the white sand of Boracay, nature tripping in Bohol and the subterrenean river in Palawan , a must travel place among families, group friends and tourists aside from  delicious food.  So like us who enjoy the warm season in the Country, hope you too could able to enjoy your vacation in a place that you want to go. Have fun!

Can't wait for the exciting getaway of my family after doing this post! I am thrilled to have a vacation and to spend nature tripping with my love ones. An exciting bonding time for all of us..and a stress free moment..oh love summer! 

What suppose to be your plan vacation guys? :)    

Beaches, hotel and scenic photos courtesy of google images                                      
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