Saturday, February 19, 2011

One Fine Day Plus Gift :)

Had a great blast these past few days. Hubby had the chance to be with us for almost a week without work so as usual this will make us to bond as family. Aside from going out with kids, hubby and I had a chance to go out for a day.It happens that no one will take care of our youngest so we decided she came along with us. Aside from conversation over a cup of coffee, we are compatible going and eating out, and most especially compatible in shopping and window shopping! yay! ( Happy mode ) He bought a gift for me and later we ate at my fave vietnamesse restaurant. Aside from being kind a good provider, this gesture make him sweet.:)

Marriage or any relationship is not perfect. Anyone should learn to appreciate simple gestures made by each other. Life is too beautiful to enjoy, than to dwell on things that are not worth it..isn't it? As long as there's still love and respect I think  LOVE  always RULE!

I opted for animal print flats but there's no stock, Hubby chose this one instead really comfortable to wear
Aerosoles younique sandals in greensnakeskin Younique Sandal in Purple Snake Color: Purple Snake, Size: 7.5, Width: M (Medium)

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