Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lovely Colors: Spring Purse

There's so many new messenger and tote bags that's in store today. This time and again I got my eyes on the new Coach Kristin collection. Such a feminine color for spring,  I am hooked about  the New Kristin leather zip top tote with it's soft look like leather finished. It looks like an amazing bag with  it's 16 inches length, 11 3/4 height. Perfect for woman who wants to bring their closet with them. I think if I able to purchase one, this will gonna be my  first huge bag.: ) There's so many new and beautiful totes/messenger bag today but I think Coach Kristin  will be a best buy at $398.

New Coach Kristin leather zip top tote in brass/aegean color Coach Kristin Leather Shoulder Hobo Bag Purse 14783 Blue

I just make an on line purchase of one of my favorite brand which is LongChamp in Le Pliage collection. Love that  it's lightweight to carry and has a wide variety of colors that could choose from. Aside from the fact that  Le Pliage and Plane'tes line is  budget friendly that you could afford to buy almost all from their collection.:)     

LongChamp Le Pliage Spring Collection in Curry. Also waiting for my Darshan in Pink :)

Attach photos  down here is some purse that my eyes laid on this Spring. If be given a purse shopping spree,  this will gonna be my purchases. :)  But still, even though I can't afford to purchase one of those it's nice to look at though. It brings energy to me every time,  just looking at them makes me smile and feel that I'm done with my window shopping.:)         
Mulberry Tillie Slouchy Leather Tote

Balenciaga Giant First Blue Royale
Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Leather Bag in Coral

Do you already purchase some purse this Spring? What kind? Or do you already have your favorite one in your closet? Or anything to save about? Please do share..love to know and let's drool about it:)

Good news folks for Philippines on line market who love designer brands that can be bought from the United States. Nordstrom carry Philippines as one of their affiliate Country to cater your shopping experience hassle free. You can choose to pay for your own chosen currency..is that cool?! So now you can purchase anything from their site and bringing them to your doorstep. You won't need relatives to come over from other countries to purchase for your goods..you can now purchase products in just  a click away.:)

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