Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wives of A Sports Icon

Speaking of Sports icon's wife ,of course who doesn't know the famous David Beckham and his wife,  the fashionist and one of the Spice Girls Victoria Beckham? Everybody awaits what will gonna be her looks, her bags, shoes and what's new in her closet...worldwide! Of course you can't please everybody to like her, but there's certain point that anyone who don't like her is curious what's up on her. But this post is not all about Victoria.. I want to share with you to take a glimpse and to know a little about the wife and first lady of Sarangani province Philippines no other than the wife of Boxing Champ Manny "Pacman " Pacquiao!



Jinkee with her husband, Sarangani Province Congressman and Boxing Champ Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao
She is Jinkee Pacquiao known to be shy and not comfortable at the limelight but as the wife of Manny Pacquiao she can't hide to be a star -  like her husband. In time, she is evolving from a simple to glamorous woman. Her style becomes one of the most awaited to be seen and follow in some magazines and  television interviews and followed even by the celebrity! Her collection of designer watches, bags, jewelry together with shoes always makes a buzz in the Country. As of now she has nine collections of Herme's Bag and of course I must say there's a lots to follow. Aside from an added to her  collection of jewelry and watch, a  6 karat diamond ring and an 18 karat gold watch with leopard-pink-strap from Rolex.
Wearing a white Bebe top, white guess shorts, blue YSL suede platform pumps,Black & gold Herme's H bracelet
According to her interview, all is well with the future of her kids.The rising business ,real state property,  the commercial endorsement of  Manny locally and abroad aside from the income of her husband in the boxing career makes their future stable. I think this lady knows how to handle their fortune. All is well with that, as there is a saying that "Behind every man success is a Woman.":)
Wearing a pink Bebe dress paired with her Pink Herme's birkin bag

In a floral top with a cream Herme's Birkin Bag
Wearing a floral one piece with a plum Herme's birkin bag

Wearing a white warehouse knit mini dress and brown louis vuitton boots in Los Angeles home
In a blue BCBG maxi dress. gold stern jewelry and Herme's bag
In a blue plaid boyfriend shirt,black shorts,blue suede boots and a yellow Herme's Kelly bag
Hollister cut-offs,Louis Vuitton platform sandals ,Herme's shoulder bag,Rolex watch,a gold H stern jewelry
Wearing a red cardigan over a white top Bebe and a denim short while shopping in Singapore for her Fashion Boutique

Happy LOVE month everyone! :)


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