Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beauty: Something New

Just have some replenishment on my cosmetics and skincare products a few days ago. I have been a loyal patron of a certain  brand for quite sometime, just wanted to try other brand to know what  they can offer . I will be honest that I'm hesitant at first most especially on skincare. I'm afraid to have  break outs that's why..it's a risk..but I think this time I'm brave enough to make a try. As a weekly skin renewal I'm a fanatic of facial mask from THE FACE SHOP, a korean brand. I like to leave them in a refrigerator and put them on my face at night before going to bed..I like the soothing effect. Maybe this is only the reason why this time I come to try the moisturizer of Korean product name ETUDE HOUSE. Only more than a year in the Philippine market but give a blast of positive reviews among the consumers and even fashion magazines. So for now, I think I'm gonna wait for atleast a week or two before I can relate to the reviews. I also wanted to go on  from natural products this time, that's why I'm experimenting .If things will work I definitely would shift my skin care line on korean products. SKIN FOOD and LANEIGE also offers a wide array of good skin care line..a little bit pricey though but all is well in the name of vanity, right? Honestly for now, I must say I can go for skincare first- but on cosmetics? I gonna say mineral products would be an alternative. I can't  still give up Nars and Mac.:)

From Marykay concealer and foundation to try one from by Revlon
Etude house anti aging product total age repair that caters age starting from  30's.

As a  freebies I choose to have- moistfull collagen moisturizer a lighter formula from anti aging products from ages  20's-30's


You out there! Are you also a brand loyal or just like me that wanted to make other brands a try?


  1. i love and hate knowing about all these new things i need.

    if you love vintage clothing come check out our site! new items all week.... yum...



  2. for years i was loyal to certain brands....but i have really sensitive skin, so in the past few years i've been trying other products. mary kay and physicians formula for the basic powders and foundations....love that they have SPF in them too.


  3. i love how there are so many affordable korean cosmetic lines looking cute and works well for our skin
    that etude house collagen moisturizer ive tried it too and here collagen is a definitely must buy these days for ladies obviously known as good skin booster and to give some lifts
    i love missha's milk sunscreen because its not oily at all for my skin. the saem is a new line here and its pretty good as of how i feel.. loved the diamond essence and the masks


  4. i love MAC products!!!
    Thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! I hope you know that k come karolina is also on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :) so cu soon!!!

    xoxo from rome


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