Saturday, February 26, 2011

Transparent Bags: Are they In or Out?

I gather this photos to know your insights regarding  transparent bags. They are everywhere  nowadays made almost by designer brands. Some are new and some are vintage. I remember I have this kind in my junior days..the clear pouch to load my school stuff  from Sanrio. My three favorites which is Hello Kitty , My Melody and Little Twin Stars.  So when I saw somebody carrying this kind of purse now,  it brings back memories of yester years. However for the younger generation nowadays it seems that this transparent bag is a hot item. Don't  you think so?

Chanel vintage transparent bag carried by popular Italian blogger and fashionist Chiara of "The Blonde Salad"


Honestly? I like this one from  Chanel


The one I'm talking about; Little Twin Stars

Happy weekend everyone!:)









Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Animal Prints Plus Patent

Can't get over about the beautiful animal prints especially leopard prints  that I saw everywhere. I'm not yet done wanting to have one. It's nice to have a pair of booties or pumps but my prospect will still be flats due to my lifestyle activities. I want a pair that I could use  more often for run errands and all. Still, everything changes as on plan and let's see what will I gonna have.  

The photos on first is  magical I could say? The first word that comes to my mouth is WOW! Really amazing gurl from head to foot. The accessories is fantastic so does her hair. Of course  Alexander Wang shoes is almost everybody's wanted to have.

From Stockholm Streetstyle
Celin'e Bag
Tory Burch Flats
A favorite leopard  print from Alexander Wang

One more thing that I've  noticed is the adorable patent bags. Though needs an extra care to prevent from scratches but still,  a staple of  beauty and elegance in any outfit.

Louis Vuitton Alma Monogram Vernis

Louis Vuitton Wilshire GM
Do you have things that stock in your mind that you can't resist to have or anything that inspired you today?  Have a great day Everyone! :)                              

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lovely Colors: Spring Purse

There's so many new messenger and tote bags that's in store today. This time and again I got my eyes on the new Coach Kristin collection. Such a feminine color for spring,  I am hooked about  the New Kristin leather zip top tote with it's soft look like leather finished. It looks like an amazing bag with  it's 16 inches length, 11 3/4 height. Perfect for woman who wants to bring their closet with them. I think if I able to purchase one, this will gonna be my  first huge bag.: ) There's so many new and beautiful totes/messenger bag today but I think Coach Kristin  will be a best buy at $398.

New Coach Kristin leather zip top tote in brass/aegean color Coach Kristin Leather Shoulder Hobo Bag Purse 14783 Blue

I just make an on line purchase of one of my favorite brand which is LongChamp in Le Pliage collection. Love that  it's lightweight to carry and has a wide variety of colors that could choose from. Aside from the fact that  Le Pliage and Plane'tes line is  budget friendly that you could afford to buy almost all from their collection.:)     

LongChamp Le Pliage Spring Collection in Curry. Also waiting for my Darshan in Pink :)

Attach photos  down here is some purse that my eyes laid on this Spring. If be given a purse shopping spree,  this will gonna be my purchases. :)  But still, even though I can't afford to purchase one of those it's nice to look at though. It brings energy to me every time,  just looking at them makes me smile and feel that I'm done with my window shopping.:)         
Mulberry Tillie Slouchy Leather Tote

Balenciaga Giant First Blue Royale
Marc by Marc Jacobs Natasha Leather Bag in Coral

Do you already purchase some purse this Spring? What kind? Or do you already have your favorite one in your closet? Or anything to save about? Please do to know and let's drool about it:)

Good news folks for Philippines on line market who love designer brands that can be bought from the United States. Nordstrom carry Philippines as one of their affiliate Country to cater your shopping experience hassle free. You can choose to pay for your own chosen that cool?! So now you can purchase anything from their site and bringing them to your doorstep. You won't need relatives to come over from other countries to purchase for your can now purchase products in just  a click away.:)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

One Fine Day Plus Gift :)

Had a great blast these past few days. Hubby had the chance to be with us for almost a week without work so as usual this will make us to bond as family. Aside from going out with kids, hubby and I had a chance to go out for a day.It happens that no one will take care of our youngest so we decided she came along with us. Aside from conversation over a cup of coffee, we are compatible going and eating out, and most especially compatible in shopping and window shopping! yay! ( Happy mode ) He bought a gift for me and later we ate at my fave vietnamesse restaurant. Aside from being kind a good provider, this gesture make him sweet.:)

Marriage or any relationship is not perfect. Anyone should learn to appreciate simple gestures made by each other. Life is too beautiful to enjoy, than to dwell on things that are not worth it..isn't it? As long as there's still love and respect I think  LOVE  always RULE!

I opted for animal print flats but there's no stock, Hubby chose this one instead really comfortable to wear
Aerosoles younique sandals in greensnakeskin Younique Sandal in Purple Snake Color: Purple Snake, Size: 7.5, Width: M (Medium)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love: Spring / Summer Look

Have an eye for bright colors ever since and this photos really feel the blast of summer. Every details is love.

From Burberry: Look at those wedge! :)
From Carolines Mode ( Firenza Photoshoot ) Love the shoes and Celin'e Tote
Yummy colors of satchel bags,wedge shoes and floral prints from D&G
 Spring make up look from Mac inspired by Lady Gaga in her new collection
The new Viva Glam Gaga -limited editionMAC Viva Glam Lipstick ~Gaga~ Ltd. Ed.

Viva Glam Gaga Lip glass-limited editionMAC Viva Glam Lipstick ~Gaga~ Ltd. Ed.
                                 Do you also love Spring Fashion and bright colors?                                            

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beauty: Something New

Just have some replenishment on my cosmetics and skincare products a few days ago. I have been a loyal patron of a certain  brand for quite sometime, just wanted to try other brand to know what  they can offer . I will be honest that I'm hesitant at first most especially on skincare. I'm afraid to have  break outs that's's a risk..but I think this time I'm brave enough to make a try. As a weekly skin renewal I'm a fanatic of facial mask from THE FACE SHOP, a korean brand. I like to leave them in a refrigerator and put them on my face at night before going to bed..I like the soothing effect. Maybe this is only the reason why this time I come to try the moisturizer of Korean product name ETUDE HOUSE. Only more than a year in the Philippine market but give a blast of positive reviews among the consumers and even fashion magazines. So for now, I think I'm gonna wait for atleast a week or two before I can relate to the reviews. I also wanted to go on  from natural products this time, that's why I'm experimenting .If things will work I definitely would shift my skin care line on korean products. SKIN FOOD and LANEIGE also offers a wide array of good skin care line..a little bit pricey though but all is well in the name of vanity, right? Honestly for now, I must say I can go for skincare first- but on cosmetics? I gonna say mineral products would be an alternative. I can't  still give up Nars and Mac.:)

From Marykay concealer and foundation to try one from by Revlon
Etude house anti aging product total age repair that caters age starting from  30's.

As a  freebies I choose to have- moistfull collagen moisturizer a lighter formula from anti aging products from ages  20's-30's


You out there! Are you also a brand loyal or just like me that wanted to make other brands a try?

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Wives of A Sports Icon

Speaking of Sports icon's wife ,of course who doesn't know the famous David Beckham and his wife,  the fashionist and one of the Spice Girls Victoria Beckham? Everybody awaits what will gonna be her looks, her bags, shoes and what's new in her closet...worldwide! Of course you can't please everybody to like her, but there's certain point that anyone who don't like her is curious what's up on her. But this post is not all about Victoria.. I want to share with you to take a glimpse and to know a little about the wife and first lady of Sarangani province Philippines no other than the wife of Boxing Champ Manny "Pacman " Pacquiao!



Jinkee with her husband, Sarangani Province Congressman and Boxing Champ Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao
She is Jinkee Pacquiao known to be shy and not comfortable at the limelight but as the wife of Manny Pacquiao she can't hide to be a star -  like her husband. In time, she is evolving from a simple to glamorous woman. Her style becomes one of the most awaited to be seen and follow in some magazines and  television interviews and followed even by the celebrity! Her collection of designer watches, bags, jewelry together with shoes always makes a buzz in the Country. As of now she has nine collections of Herme's Bag and of course I must say there's a lots to follow. Aside from an added to her  collection of jewelry and watch, a  6 karat diamond ring and an 18 karat gold watch with leopard-pink-strap from Rolex.
Wearing a white Bebe top, white guess shorts, blue YSL suede platform pumps,Black & gold Herme's H bracelet
According to her interview, all is well with the future of her kids.The rising business ,real state property,  the commercial endorsement of  Manny locally and abroad aside from the income of her husband in the boxing career makes their future stable. I think this lady knows how to handle their fortune. All is well with that, as there is a saying that "Behind every man success is a Woman.":)
Wearing a pink Bebe dress paired with her Pink Herme's birkin bag

In a floral top with a cream Herme's Birkin Bag
Wearing a floral one piece with a plum Herme's birkin bag

Wearing a white warehouse knit mini dress and brown louis vuitton boots in Los Angeles home
In a blue BCBG maxi dress. gold stern jewelry and Herme's bag
In a blue plaid boyfriend shirt,black shorts,blue suede boots and a yellow Herme's Kelly bag
Hollister cut-offs,Louis Vuitton platform sandals ,Herme's shoulder bag,Rolex watch,a gold H stern jewelry
Wearing a red cardigan over a white top Bebe and a denim short while shopping in Singapore for her Fashion Boutique

Happy LOVE month everyone! :)
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