Tuesday, January 25, 2011

My Angels

Been fixing and organizing my things and bump to one box that carry all  letters of my kids during their younger years. While reading their handmade cards, I can't help to be emotional and later on, cry. It's true that you can't turn back the clock, kids nowadays grow so fast! Parents  should enjoy  the moments with them while it last, before they have their own interest things to do. My  two kids are grown now, and they are not as expressive as when they are young. This cards will help me to bring  memories of their childhood . It's a memory that will give smile to my face and  tears (of joy ) until I grow old . I'm glad that I still have given the opportunity to be hands on and full time mom to Iya and his brother. It's a kind of  mommy talk right now..I know mother's day is four months away  but I just can't help myself to do this post. Just thinking of them makes me more realize how fortunate I am to be a mother and  was given a  chance to express my love to my children. It's priceless!

By the way as you notice I just change the header. So what do you think about it? Do I need to get  back the old one? Sorry for being blurred I am not expert doing it..will fix it soon.:) 

Just want to thank my schoolmate Mina Pastrano, she was the one who shot the cherry blossom  in one photo of  the header ..just an inspiration..I really want to make a tattoo before of that kind, now it's just an inspiration:)

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