Sunday, January 16, 2011

Beauty Inspiration

Woman always have a mood to feel good about something or a feeling the need to take a change.

These past few weeks  I got inspired  from  fashion magazine,  my daily inspiration fashion bloggers and some friends to have some change of look this year. For a time I did'nt pay much attention to put some shadows on  my eye, as I've said to my early post. I ignore the chance then- ( in my younger years-yay! I am not that old enough though :) ) as far as  I know I don't look good at it. However this time around I want to try  for a change and I hope to succeed to this evolution of  mine and hopefully will look good on me. Need to have some practice first , I will post some photos when I know I done it well. Hopefully in time of my date in our wedding anniversary. For now I need to know some tricks  first from my pals and some you tube tutorials. I want to try this products below  I heard and read good things about them. From products excluding the eye, I am a loyal patron of Mac and Nars  I love their colors and the result  is superb!

Jane of  sea of shoes
Carolina of  fashion squad

 Mac brow shaper
MAC Fluidline Eye Liner Gel Blacktrack
Mac fluidline blacktrack
Clinique Brow Shaper 01 Shaping Taupe
Clinique brow shaper in soft brown
Clinique Lash Power mascara Long-Wearing Formula 01 Black Onyx
Clinique lash power long wearing formula
Shu Uemura Pressed Eye Shadow N # Ir Brown 810 2.1g/0.07oz
Shu Uemura pressed eyeshadow in p820 (golden light brown)
Laura Mercier warm Palette in buff,gold,honey and truffle all products available at


  1. Great products! You have a pretty face. These products are just perfect for you. You managed to keep yourself fit despite giving birth to your children. I admire women who continuously fix themselves despite being busy at home. :)


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