Friday, December 17, 2010

Sweet 16

It's been sixteen years ago since I gave birth to my eldest daughter. Now, it's her day and I thank God for giving me a child that completes me as a woman in an early age.

Of course in sixteen years, we are bonded as twosome..playing,reading,dating, shopping,sharing- but of course as a mom, I know that there are things that she kept to herself and much more revealing to let it known by her friends. But it's okay, as long as she knew her limitations. We also have our differences, sometimes make her screwed and grounded but does not come to a point that she does not  respect me..and she will understand the reason why we do such thing and I thank her for understanding. Really a child-parent relationship is like husband and wife, it takes two to tango.

Now that she's come to her adolescent years it changes a bit on her lifestyle. Now, the celebration will be more on her friends than ours. But it's okay,  it's her happiness that matters most! It's her birthday anyway. I just want to thank you Jenille for being a part of our life, for admitting your mistakes and makes a way to correct it. I know that your journey will just began , and we're always here for you, to guide, cherish, love and support you in every step of the way.

Again Happy Birthday and I love you My Sweet Alynna Jenille. :)


As a gift I gave her a kenneth Cole Hobo Bag that she can use to load all her stuff . Glad  she like it:)

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  1. happy sweet 16!!!!!!!!!!!


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