Friday, December 3, 2010

Good not to expect

Yesterday was a fantastic day and night for both of us couples :)  The last time we go out together is almost a year and half. As I remember, I was four months pregnant with Iya then. Yesterday is only the time we go out again- just the two of us,  without kids to tag along. It was not plan, the idea just came out.

As I know,  Christmas will be celebrated in twenty days and Mothers day in less than six months  from now. However,  what I have experienced yesterday  is a celebration that could only get when there's an occasion like that. However,  I must say I enjoy the attention that I get so far, I feel like I was pampered. I know we are going to buy some Christmas stuff for the kids too ,later did I know that he's  asking me what I want, Isn't it great!? too early for Christmas gift..yey! Though I used to feature an article on my previous post about the cream Melissa jelly wedge that I would like to have - apparently it ends up that He wants a different kind of wedge design - that I also wanted. We only have a hard time figuring the color,  there's so many amazing colors to choose from. Finally we end up leaving the store with a purchase of a brown one. We go on dinner afterwards, we had so much fun and laughters. It's kind of late, and we need to get back  home but it ends up going to the spa and treating me to a full body massage-I WANT! afterwards I felt fresh, renewed and relax.

The only sad part is-  as I tweeted this morning, I  forgot to bring my digicam with me and the cellphone is drain to low battery that can't be able to capture photos. Tsk! These is a fun and great memory to reminisce, nicer with photos to look back..but life can't be all perfect everytime. We need to thank  for all the greatness that is happening to us and not to ask for more. I could only say that in Marriage, it's good not to expect for the great things to happen everytime cause it will only end up to frustration. The most important thing is there's still happiness when your with each other..I think good companionship, respect and love always work. Struggles and trials are always there in any relationship, one should only know how to dance with the flow.

So I end up the night, smiling and thanking for the early Christmas treat:)

Last year dinner photo I am 4 months pregnant with Iya
My new Melissa Maisha wedge in brown yey!


                                  Have a great weekend!                                      

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