Monday, December 6, 2010

Gift Suggestion for Super Moms

As I have always tell you folks, Mommies are pretty and beautiful these days. So apart from doing all the daily love routine to the most important person in her life , why not come and get a holiday gift that will sure, she love:)

 Picture is best most with accessories

I love putting scarf this season, the cold breeze in the morning and in late nights warms me, best when sipping  hot coffee and having some chat with your friend or love ones. The weather here in the Philippines only gets colder from this month to February but  the temperature is still tolerable that you could go outside without  so much  layering.  So apart from scarf,  blazer and jacket is a best buy.




But there so much beautiful trench coat and booties  that you could see wearing in colder climates.  I  see them wearing by my fave hollywood celebrities and stylist bloggers. So in my imagination, if I will be outside the country this holiday season,  this will be my pick!


I also feature some  photos of  hollywood celebrities as add on for all of you to see.  Moms who looks best even toting their kids.


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