Sunday, November 28, 2010

Passion And Inspiration :)

There are times that we don't feel well, isn't it? I cure mine by  giving myself a positive thought.  I  think of an inspiration  that will give me  a sudden perk  to start my day right. Just thinking of the photographs below makes my day. They are all my passion and inspiration,  really help me to overcome blues.:)



What's your passion and inspiration gurls? Christmas is coming in less than a month , I am excited and thrilled so with the rest of the family.  Can you share some of your wishlist? Happy weekend everyone and God bless! :)

Photographs six from Sea of  Shoes, Melissa wedge from Daphne's Diary  others from  google. Bags from Coach, Mulberry, Gucci,  Louis Vuitton and Rebecca Minkoff.  Shoes from Tods, Jimmy Choo, Christian Loubotin, Dianne Von Furstenberg, Melissa and  Bebe.                                          

1 comment:

  1. wishlist - health for me and my baby, A good paying job in the future.
    and yes a good relationship with the people around you keeps your heads up against all odds..
    and oh I like the third picture a lot.. reminds me that we all fall down just like the leaves but lucky for us we have the choice to stand up again unlike them they always follow the wind"


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