Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mom, Kid, and a Bag

For all who love bags knows  that every piece  have  different size to coordinate with  lifestyle.  I started mine with the love for small bags then turn to medium size due to additonal stuff needed to be with me everytime. For now that I have little Iya  ( who's 11 months old  ) I suddenly knew that I need a bag that caters everything that I need but comfortable to carry when I am with her.  Now I know what I need - a body bag!  The one that nice and comfortable when I am  with my daughter due to run errands, malling  and baby sitting but also shift to shoulder bag when I am with my friends. Yay!  Finally I found what I am looking for - A Coach Kristine Leather Hobo! What I am struggling now is the color, I hope you could help me choose. As all of my regular readers know that I am a Coach lover. Secondly  I think it also works for the budget. The craftmanship is well polished, a combination of trendy and classic  pieces that suits every  moms lifestyle and the one will last. The most important thing is that it will not break your bank. Coach Kristine Leather Hobo $ 298.

Kristine Leather  Hobo in Blue Mist
Kristine Leather Hobo in Tearose

However the limited edition Devin leather bag really drools me for a couple of days now ( sigh ). But it's only a dream  that I can have it since it cost $ 698 !! whew!! Hoping I can get it someday when it's  on sale.  (sigh ) at fifty percent off !! Sad for me! Anyway life goes like that, sometime you can't  have it all. Just learn to appreciate what you have and be thankful. Anyway  just wanted you to know that it's the very first time I ever  like a huge bag like this one . I really like the style and  also great  as a weekend bag. Great choice for a huge bag lover. Congrats to all who able to buy this piece!

Devin Leather Shoulder Bag in Electra Blue

Devin Shoulder Bag in Camel

Another thing in mind, for all fashion lover I know you knew by now  blogger name Kelly of The Glamourai. She design a bag for Coach last May of these year and I really want to grab a piece of it. Hope I can still  have one since it's a limited edition. Hoping, hoping...

Great weekend everyone!                                          

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