Sunday, November 28, 2010

Finally I found it!

For months I have been searching for the perfect booties. The one I could wear day to night time  that will perfectly match wearing  anything  I like. The good  thing is that, it get along with the know moms speaking here.:)

Finally I am  so happy  to found this BCBG  Rimy  booties ash suede . I definitely  like the platform, color and design, am  sure  it will be one my favorite shoe staple this season.  You could found it on my  on line retailer,

Passion And Inspiration :)

There are times that we don't feel well, isn't it? I cure mine by  giving myself a positive thought.  I  think of an inspiration  that will give me  a sudden perk  to start my day right. Just thinking of the photographs below makes my day. They are all my passion and inspiration,  really help me to overcome blues.:)



What's your passion and inspiration gurls? Christmas is coming in less than a month , I am excited and thrilled so with the rest of the family.  Can you share some of your wishlist? Happy weekend everyone and God bless! :)

Photographs six from Sea of  Shoes, Melissa wedge from Daphne's Diary  others from  google. Bags from Coach, Mulberry, Gucci,  Louis Vuitton and Rebecca Minkoff.  Shoes from Tods, Jimmy Choo, Christian Loubotin, Dianne Von Furstenberg, Melissa and  Bebe.                                          

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Mom, Kid, and a Bag

For all who love bags knows  that every piece  have  different size to coordinate with  lifestyle.  I started mine with the love for small bags then turn to medium size due to additonal stuff needed to be with me everytime. For now that I have little Iya  ( who's 11 months old  ) I suddenly knew that I need a bag that caters everything that I need but comfortable to carry when I am with her.  Now I know what I need - a body bag!  The one that nice and comfortable when I am  with my daughter due to run errands, malling  and baby sitting but also shift to shoulder bag when I am with my friends. Yay!  Finally I found what I am looking for - A Coach Kristine Leather Hobo! What I am struggling now is the color, I hope you could help me choose. As all of my regular readers know that I am a Coach lover. Secondly  I think it also works for the budget. The craftmanship is well polished, a combination of trendy and classic  pieces that suits every  moms lifestyle and the one will last. The most important thing is that it will not break your bank. Coach Kristine Leather Hobo $ 298.

Kristine Leather  Hobo in Blue Mist
Kristine Leather Hobo in Tearose

However the limited edition Devin leather bag really drools me for a couple of days now ( sigh ). But it's only a dream  that I can have it since it cost $ 698 !! whew!! Hoping I can get it someday when it's  on sale.  (sigh ) at fifty percent off !! Sad for me! Anyway life goes like that, sometime you can't  have it all. Just learn to appreciate what you have and be thankful. Anyway  just wanted you to know that it's the very first time I ever  like a huge bag like this one . I really like the style and  also great  as a weekend bag. Great choice for a huge bag lover. Congrats to all who able to buy this piece!

Devin Leather Shoulder Bag in Electra Blue

Devin Shoulder Bag in Camel

Another thing in mind, for all fashion lover I know you knew by now  blogger name Kelly of The Glamourai. She design a bag for Coach last May of these year and I really want to grab a piece of it. Hope I can still  have one since it's a limited edition. Hoping, hoping...

Great weekend everyone!                                          

Monday, November 15, 2010

For Christmas ; Tory Burch Picks

I have seen many celebrities  wearing reva flats  as  their casual  look. I also read and heard that it's very comfortable to wear , one quality that we look in  hunting a pair of shoes to buy.


 I have been over gaga about flipflop for the past years and  have them in different colors. This time I want to purchase a different brand of flipflop which is Tory Burch and also want to try the Reva ballerina flats-for a more casual look. Will post next time about the purchase of  this picks..I hope - I can't be distracted with my other choices..hmmm let's see!
Friends, what do you want to purchase next in your list? Come on..share!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Holiday Seasons

I started my day sipping coffee and eat a slice of my  long week  favorite raisin bread, while having Christmas gift list  for my kiddos, friends, relatives and  love one.. and of course I won't forget  to note down my own wishlist *wink* .  I think this  season is a  great time to buy or receive gifts that  we really want. For my kids, I let them write top three of what they like most so that I have a hint   of what to give them. Last week is a chance for me to see some beautiful and tempting  products to purchase before christmas,  some of them I also saw on line. I usually buy items on line that I know will be more cheaper to buy than here.

I love this season  most especially  hearing christmas songs, cold atmosphere, and seeing christmas lights and lanterns everywhere. Filipinos have always a long month  preparation for the coming of Christmas. I can't wait to have  puto bumbong and Bibingka ( rice cake ) over a cup of tea  after  simbang gabi ( midnight mass ) held 9 days before Christmas starting December 16.  I think I 'm gonna buy  new christmas tree  next week so I can able to start putting some gifts underneath...hmmmm...Putting christmas decorations is also a bonding moments for us , aside from having kris- kringle.

You folks are you too started to write down notes for your gifts as well or having your Christmas decor  in your home?
Just can't help myself to pose in this cute cherrry pink blossom like Christmas tree

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Visiting Our Love Ones

November 2,  in time for All Souls Day, still - in time for my story. My family and I visited my mom  last October 31st, It's a long ride coming from east to south so it's an unwinding atmosphere for all of us. Road trip is one of my families fun time to do. You could see flying birds, big trees and the airy breeze aside from new environment. When we're in the cemetery I had a great time talking to my mom and lighting a candle for her. Aside from  happy thoughts that we able to visit her, I also felt good that I able to see one of my aunt's who looks like her. For me it seems that, for just one day I was able to talked and be with my Mom again. All Saints day is a time to visit our love one and a great time to bond with almost the whole clan aside from Christmas. It's also the time that my kids able to see their cousins, tito's and tita's. We almost left at six in the evening , so as plan, we aren't able to go to Tagaytay ( also one of the tourist spot here in the Philippines ) at the picnic Grove and able to see the cable wire that my kids want to experience riding.. maybe next time.

Still we have ahead of time, we just go to San Miguel by the Bay located beside Mall of Asia and have our dinner there.  MOA is open untill 10 in the evening  and we had a chance to stroll .  My son is busy riding the rent-a- mini motorcycle with a rate of php 65 for 7 minutes and php 120 for 20 minutes. We just had fun of our moments as family and this experienced can't be taken away from us. .and the most important thing is that my kids will always remember their childhood memories as a happy one. I hope there will  be  more moment like this. You pals, what did you do this Holiday? Did you go trick or treat or also visit your love one at the cemetery?

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