Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recent Purchases and Some Gifts

A month and later last week  I am blessed and happy to buy what I needed and some what I really wanted. I also treat myself eating again at  Phohoa  restaurant. The vietnamese chain that  my friend Marie dine out when we meet a week ago. So sad that the one in Shangrila mall is a franchise branch so apart from eating alone I wasn't able to buy the chili sauce if that's what you call it..that I really wanted (sigh), maybe some other time I will try  on other branch. Anyway I also included some gifts from close person to me- my husband which is the tiffany earrings, that I still not post to you guys but I already tweeted before. Every time this happened as a 24/7 mom I feel recharge and rejuvenated! yeeeee! I don't know what exactly the explanation to it but maybe it's an incentive  to a mom like me. Do you agree with that? ( I know that I really enjoy doing the household chores most especially cooking and taking care of my kids but being a woman - I know this help to lighten the load:) ) I know moms out there who have the same passion and interest as mine could understand what this happiness means..I think maybe it's also part of a "girly" thing. As an add on, thanks also folks for reading and following my blog..last week I had new followers and thanks so much guys!  It's really a great feeling of accomplishment that someone out there recognize what you're doing, aside from it's a great divertion aside from being a housewife and a mom.  Same thing that I'm gaining  new friends and being educated -again as well.  I hope in a short while reading my post makes you a part of my life as the same time I am to yours. God bless!
                                                   Tiffany 1837 Hoop Earrings ( :) )
                                                         Zara Tops
                                                   Long Champ Le pliage ( Yey! )
                                                     Lush Helping Hands
                                                   Loreal Glam Shine Lip gloss

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