Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kitchen Obsession

Getting mommy talk this time, apart from my interest on girly stuff like bags, shoes , accessories and all  I'm also a fan of kitchen. Anything related to it makes my heart palpitate like the feeling that I bought a new bag with me. If only I could afford Metastone so that my kitchen would look as gorgeous like in the magazine or the kitchen of Giada in Everyday Italian or by Ina Garten in Barefoot Contessa. (sigh)
I think anyone loves to cook,  love and wanted to have a beautiful kitchen.  The size of course determines on what lifestyle you get into most especially what kind of food your cooking and particularly how many are there in the family. I am more particular with the shelves and pull outs since I have lot of kitchen stuff. I also want my casserole hang on top of the ceiling like the traditional way and of course  with the drop light still.  But this time whats on my mind is that :

1. I wanted  to have an island with faucet for preparing food and double purpose as a table for  kids breakfast..with high chair this time!

2. A wider window  with the view across my garden.  love it!  Very serene feeling.

3. A huge stainless kitchen sink so my plates are not prone to breaking or chipping while washing the dishes.

4. More cabinets, pull-outs and shelves.

Just  get inspired by the photographs of House Beautiful, (as before ) and if ever I will able to design again  my kitchen - a part of this will be the outcome.

Next time try to post regarding bathroom,.my sanctuary! :)                                               

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