Friday, October 15, 2010


It's the homecoming of a relative and a friend. Just can't help myself to prepare them  food that I hope they will like. What a  little idea to  this couple is they love to eat cheesecake, and to eat out every time they have time together. I tooked some pics of the food we ate however I don't have the chance to take photo of the roast chicken.  So I want this day to be a little special for all of we chat about life..I hope that I gave them the pleasure in terms of food and a happy thoughts in our conversation. Am really glad that they tooked time to come over and visit  us,  I know this rarely happens and I appreciate the gesture a lot.  I just can't help myself smiling whenever I had a chance to talked to a couple who stay  in love  or being sweet to each other. As we all know that real happiness can see through the spark of the eyes.  I salute them for keeping up the fire into their relationship and I know it's still one of the best factor to make the relationship last! Love, love, love! so to both of them ,my  best wishes!  wishing them more years of happiness spending  life together- till ages! ( thanks for the gifts too. :) )

For all bag lovers like Rhea and I, ' wasn't able to take a photo of her Fendi bag.. Just a show up to all of you gurls it nearly looks like this one..

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