Monday, October 25, 2010

Comfort Zone

After posting some photos of  the  kitchen design that I wanted to have, this time I am jumping into my next  post which is the bathroom area. I must admit ,when I have the chance to visit a person's house, what I am  most into aside from the kitchen is the bathroom. I personally believe that you can see the neatness or tidyness of the person involve thru the impression of what the bathroom looks like.

Some years back, when I able to have an extension. I relocated the bathroom area from the original position of the developer plan. It's a house and lot package, that's why  I only used to choose the color of the tiles and the kind of shower to put. I am quite pleased about the outcome, it's only small compare to what I am dreaming of to have- but contented . I just added some accessories to have a feeling of a luxe hotel  ( towel, tissue handle and some stuff ).

As of today, if God permits me to push through  with the plan of building our house again. Hoping this time I will be able to achieve what my dream bathroom is. As for me  it's an escape from the tiring workload and everyday stress.. a comfort zone.  I hope  this photos will be an inspiration for me and to some of you out there.

As you can see from the photos I  wanted to have a bath tub..for relaxation of course. A two lavatory: so that me and my partner would have a time for ourselves and not bumping into to each other. More shelves ( again )  for the towels, toiletries and all . A window and an overlooking  plants. I don't have some photos of the urinals but I wanted to have one of that kind since I have 3 males in the house. For some easy cleaning stuff... you know gurls what I mean. I will update you all as soon this plan push through..:) And you mommies and single ladies out there! what do you want your bathroom to look like? Are you into great bathroom get-away? share some! :)         

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