Friday, October 29, 2010

Can't have enough Purse?

I think women nowadays can't have enough shoes and bags. As an experienced  I prove one thing .If you have so much bag in your closet, the tendency is that you will learn to add some wallets too! At first I was hesitant to change wallet as  often as I change my bag . The reason is , I always  forgot some important stuff, but then again anything of your passion can be learn., right? ( wink )  I am fun of large zip wallet  but as gorgeous as  the new selection  now ,there 's always an exception.! Here's some preview of the new arrivals from designer brands. Would you have your pick?

Long Champ Happy Collection All In One Wallet
Long Champ  Happy  Collection All In One Wallet


Marc by Marc Jacobs Zebra Print

Marc by Marc Jacobs Large Zipper Wallet

Marc Jacobs Optic Ostrich Wallet

Chloe Leather Zip Wallet

Miu Miu Quilted Wallet

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