Friday, October 29, 2010

Can't have enough Purse?

I think women nowadays can't have enough shoes and bags. As an experienced  I prove one thing .If you have so much bag in your closet, the tendency is that you will learn to add some wallets too! At first I was hesitant to change wallet as  often as I change my bag . The reason is , I always  forgot some important stuff, but then again anything of your passion can be learn., right? ( wink )  I am fun of large zip wallet  but as gorgeous as  the new selection  now ,there 's always an exception.! Here's some preview of the new arrivals from designer brands. Would you have your pick?

Long Champ Happy Collection All In One Wallet
Long Champ  Happy  Collection All In One Wallet


Marc by Marc Jacobs Zebra Print

Marc by Marc Jacobs Large Zipper Wallet

Marc Jacobs Optic Ostrich Wallet

Chloe Leather Zip Wallet

Miu Miu Quilted Wallet

Monday, October 25, 2010

Comfort Zone

After posting some photos of  the  kitchen design that I wanted to have, this time I am jumping into my next  post which is the bathroom area. I must admit ,when I have the chance to visit a person's house, what I am  most into aside from the kitchen is the bathroom. I personally believe that you can see the neatness or tidyness of the person involve thru the impression of what the bathroom looks like.

Some years back, when I able to have an extension. I relocated the bathroom area from the original position of the developer plan. It's a house and lot package, that's why  I only used to choose the color of the tiles and the kind of shower to put. I am quite pleased about the outcome, it's only small compare to what I am dreaming of to have- but contented . I just added some accessories to have a feeling of a luxe hotel  ( towel, tissue handle and some stuff ).

As of today, if God permits me to push through  with the plan of building our house again. Hoping this time I will be able to achieve what my dream bathroom is. As for me  it's an escape from the tiring workload and everyday stress.. a comfort zone.  I hope  this photos will be an inspiration for me and to some of you out there.

As you can see from the photos I  wanted to have a bath tub..for relaxation of course. A two lavatory: so that me and my partner would have a time for ourselves and not bumping into to each other. More shelves ( again )  for the towels, toiletries and all . A window and an overlooking  plants. I don't have some photos of the urinals but I wanted to have one of that kind since I have 3 males in the house. For some easy cleaning stuff... you know gurls what I mean. I will update you all as soon this plan push through..:) And you mommies and single ladies out there! what do you want your bathroom to look like? Are you into great bathroom get-away? share some! :)         

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kitchen Obsession

Getting mommy talk this time, apart from my interest on girly stuff like bags, shoes , accessories and all  I'm also a fan of kitchen. Anything related to it makes my heart palpitate like the feeling that I bought a new bag with me. If only I could afford Metastone so that my kitchen would look as gorgeous like in the magazine or the kitchen of Giada in Everyday Italian or by Ina Garten in Barefoot Contessa. (sigh)
I think anyone loves to cook,  love and wanted to have a beautiful kitchen.  The size of course determines on what lifestyle you get into most especially what kind of food your cooking and particularly how many are there in the family. I am more particular with the shelves and pull outs since I have lot of kitchen stuff. I also want my casserole hang on top of the ceiling like the traditional way and of course  with the drop light still.  But this time whats on my mind is that :

1. I wanted  to have an island with faucet for preparing food and double purpose as a table for  kids breakfast..with high chair this time!

2. A wider window  with the view across my garden.  love it!  Very serene feeling.

3. A huge stainless kitchen sink so my plates are not prone to breaking or chipping while washing the dishes.

4. More cabinets, pull-outs and shelves.

Just  get inspired by the photographs of House Beautiful, (as before ) and if ever I will able to design again  my kitchen - a part of this will be the outcome.

Next time try to post regarding bathroom,.my sanctuary! :)                                               

Friday, October 15, 2010


It's the homecoming of a relative and a friend. Just can't help myself to prepare them  food that I hope they will like. What a  little idea to  this couple is they love to eat cheesecake, and to eat out every time they have time together. I tooked some pics of the food we ate however I don't have the chance to take photo of the roast chicken.  So I want this day to be a little special for all of we chat about life..I hope that I gave them the pleasure in terms of food and a happy thoughts in our conversation. Am really glad that they tooked time to come over and visit  us,  I know this rarely happens and I appreciate the gesture a lot.  I just can't help myself smiling whenever I had a chance to talked to a couple who stay  in love  or being sweet to each other. As we all know that real happiness can see through the spark of the eyes.  I salute them for keeping up the fire into their relationship and I know it's still one of the best factor to make the relationship last! Love, love, love! so to both of them ,my  best wishes!  wishing them more years of happiness spending  life together- till ages! ( thanks for the gifts too. :) )

For all bag lovers like Rhea and I, ' wasn't able to take a photo of her Fendi bag.. Just a show up to all of you gurls it nearly looks like this one..

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recent Purchases and Some Gifts

A month and later last week  I am blessed and happy to buy what I needed and some what I really wanted. I also treat myself eating again at  Phohoa  restaurant. The vietnamese chain that  my friend Marie dine out when we meet a week ago. So sad that the one in Shangrila mall is a franchise branch so apart from eating alone I wasn't able to buy the chili sauce if that's what you call it..that I really wanted (sigh), maybe some other time I will try  on other branch. Anyway I also included some gifts from close person to me- my husband which is the tiffany earrings, that I still not post to you guys but I already tweeted before. Every time this happened as a 24/7 mom I feel recharge and rejuvenated! yeeeee! I don't know what exactly the explanation to it but maybe it's an incentive  to a mom like me. Do you agree with that? ( I know that I really enjoy doing the household chores most especially cooking and taking care of my kids but being a woman - I know this help to lighten the load:) ) I know moms out there who have the same passion and interest as mine could understand what this happiness means..I think maybe it's also part of a "girly" thing. As an add on, thanks also folks for reading and following my blog..last week I had new followers and thanks so much guys!  It's really a great feeling of accomplishment that someone out there recognize what you're doing, aside from it's a great divertion aside from being a housewife and a mom.  Same thing that I'm gaining  new friends and being educated -again as well.  I hope in a short while reading my post makes you a part of my life as the same time I am to yours. God bless!
                                                   Tiffany 1837 Hoop Earrings ( :) )
                                                         Zara Tops
                                                   Long Champ Le pliage ( Yey! )
                                                     Lush Helping Hands
                                                   Loreal Glam Shine Lip gloss

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Power of Pink

In celebration of  Breast Cancer Awareness, Window of Happiness  joined other bloggers this  October to promote breast cancer awareness month. In line with the foundation, Coach  will donate 20 percent of the proceeds from the sale of selected items to the breast cancer research foundation. On the other hand, Ralph Lauren  will donate 10 percent of proceeds on all  Pink Pony products, benefits cancer care and prevention throughout the year! What a nice way of making charitable help isn't it? And for us shoppers, what a generous way to help, at the same time buying our favorites in  their product line. Wishing good health for all of us!
Mia Leather Breast Cancer Research Foundation Mini Maggie $ 198
Mia Leather BCRF Maggie $ 358
Ralph Lauren Pink Pony raffle dress $ 49.50
Pink Pony Organic large tote $ 135
Mini Pink Pony handbag $ 45

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