Thursday, September 9, 2010

To Mom with so much Love

I was able to attend a mass yesterday. It's the birthday of my Mom, she turns 70 years old to be exact. But she passed away four years ago. My kids, so with my husband miss him so much. It's sad that her youngest grand daughter has not given a chance to know her grandma personally, She is just eight months old now. I know if  mommy  is still alive at this time, she will always cuddle my little one, strolling early in the morning and will be a one brat granddaughter.

Wherever she is right now  I am praying that she is happy  and contented. We had not been so close to each other because of our differences but I can shout out load that I love her so much -and thanking- that she is my mom -and I am proud of that. I know before she dies she was able to felt that. I can't help myself to say that if I can turn back the clock I hope I was able to lengthen her life, so that she is still with us until this time, but who am I to ask if her time frame in our world is only until  65 years of her life.

So for now my three kids will help me introduce our little baby to know her more according  to our stories  on how good grandmother and a mother she was and a  loving person to others as well .From all of us, we love you mommy and really miss you a lot here! Hoping and praying that where ever you are right now you are happy and contented. See you again soon! We love you and  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


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