Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I know there are huge fans of Tiffany jewelries. I am alone when I am at my college days also wanted to have one, but I can't. So when I started earning for myself I tried to buy jewelries with diamond that  I really liked  but of course- still,  I can't afford  Tiffany diamonds of my choice. For me it's still a dream and hoping someday I will be able to grab one from Tiffany store..daydreaming again..laugh. I think my daughter is luckier than me that she was able to have her tiffany necklace in Elsa Peretti collection, a birthday gift from her dad at the age of 13. The fact that she had a great interest in jewelries than her mother..and the collecting one. giggle. Here's the picture of the Tiffany set of my dream..I don't know if I could  able to afford to buy her, but still- I won't stop myself looking at her.. and if I had a chance, I know I still can't afford to buy the set or maybe I could settle for a lower price perhaps..anyway I try to update you guys if I had a chance to have one..lucky me.! giggle.

Tiffany Metro Hoop  ring diamonds in 18 k white gold .22 carat $ 1,200
Tiffany Hoop earrings with diamonds in 18k white gold large 2.79 carats $ 10,000



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