Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Little Iya

I want to introduce to you my little daughter IYA. She is 9 months old now and can't wait for her to turn 1 year old to celebrate her 1ST birthday. After 15 years, again, we are blessed to have adorable baby girl. After having 3 kids, I'm still excited to know that I am pregnant then and thrill  that there's life inside me. My pregnancy excites me most when I knew then that this time it's gonna be a baby girl. I know when she borns,  this little girl will be a precious to us, to her siblings, and Papa and to people around us. For that  I am not mistaken  because she is really the apple of the eyes of everyone. Again,  Iya completes me as a's been all worth it  since I am having a 50 -50 chances of surviving after giving birth, the complication and all.  It's really a blessful moment to be a mom-and if given a chance on my next life - to be stable in all aspects I know I want to raise more kids! It's really a bliss!

Her favorite toy  to cuddle Lamaze 'Kerry the Fairy  play and grow toy" always with us whenever she goes. 

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