Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fashion, Style and Motherhood

Mom is a mom, whatever she is, there could be no even  better than mothers  love.  As we have a saying; mothers knows best!

In terms of  fashion,  now, Mom can be a trendsetter in their own way. Some being  practical who stick to classic style, fashionist but not to the extent to buy  season's trend.. Some also being a frugalista who mix and match new with the old one or what we call vintage.

Today,  not only  movie personalities have the aura of  being a movie stars but even the regular house wife and mom as well. According to fashion critic,  30's is the new 20's  isn't that  a compliment? Gone where the days that moms look like she will have a ton of laundry  basket on her side,  with the look that she can't even comb her hair, thank God! As you could  always see, celebrity stars are given all the privileged to know their status as a mom. This time,  I want to pay tribute to regular moms who  looks like celebrities in their own way. Who gave their effort to look good as if  they were still single, if not-much better and lovelier! To be a continous inspiration to some of  their  friends and colleagues not just for being a good mother but  taking care of herself  too. Being able to be a mother and a wife but not depriving them selves to look best at all times . Even a ton of stress in  daily chores, at home and at work.

dinner with friends
girl's night out

Bonding in Shangrila Boracay
At Time Square New York
A day of shopping with friend
Bonding with son at Ocean Adventure Subic Philippines

I want to thank all lovely moms  for letting me post your gorgeous pictures. I know this post will serve more as an inspiration. Not only being  stylist, but beyond that - being a lovable mom to your children! Cheers to that!                                        

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