Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthday Part 1- With my Besty

Finally, as I have told you I will post my birthday celebration. This time with my friend named Jen . This is it and one or two more similar post to follow. Sorry for the delay on posting,  I know  it's September now and my birthday month is August, it takes a long while. I hope you all understand.  Hands-on - moms have so many things to do, and I am  lucky  enough to have time  to open my  account  once in a while.

Going back to my story,  we ate at  Old Spaghetti House, what I like here is the ambiance. It seems that I am going back to our province. Mostly with their wall frame tables and chairs- it feels like home to me. Jen and I had really great time, laughing out load. I want to share with you some instance that we both had fun time laughing.  We requested  the waiter to shot a picture of us together and the result is like  thumbnails, the shot was too far. Again we ask  the manager, expecting that she could gave us much better shot ,and the result? She did it us we supposed to have  passport size pictures! It looks like that it will be for a magazine shoot that we are both the cover story, so close up size! So my friend and I settled on posing on camera ourselves so that we too had great pictures hahaha! What about that?! What an experienced!

It really nice to have some time with your closest pal, to cheer you up and make the day the most out of it , just enjoying the time together- forgetting the time passes by. We have some differences but its okay, as long as you accepted ones fault and move on. Just be happy on the accomplishment of each other..nevertheless no competition involved,  for healthy and harmonious relationship. I think that one is a real true meaning of friendship. There is no really such thing as perfect isn't it? Whether it maybe on friends or marital ..the most important thing is- still- being happy with whom you are into! The one that cheers you up and being there through ups and downs.  What do you think?

                                                TOPS & BOLERO :  FOREVER 21
                                                 WATCH                 :  KENNETH COLE
                                                 BANGLES             :  FOREVER 21
                                                 BAG                       :  COACH
I received a body shop shea butter from Jen as a birthday gift. She  really knows that skincare products is one of my weakness. Thanks!                                                        

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