Saturday, September 25, 2010

Birthday Celebration Part 3

As I promised , finally this will be the last part of all my birthday article.  I will post some pictures including  my family.  We had a three days in a row celebration- thanks to my husband that He had a three days off  from work to be with us.  It's not a lavish celebration but the fact that we are all together as a family completes all - and made me happy.  As an addition,  it 's my day so they make it a point that I don't do the work,  and give me time to pamper myself - including some shopping, dine- out, spa and  sight seeing! yey!


On the day of my birthday my hubby doesn't  feel well, and at noon time he already had a fever. So as plan, we did'nt able to catch a movie together or a dinner perhaps..anyway, there's always have a next time  isn't it guys?- and it's an understandable situation-just a bad timing :)       

A Gift to myself -yey! Clinique happy perfume with body moisturizer and shower gel-
Some Perfume favorites and other on my wish list...



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