Friday, September 17, 2010

Birthday Celebration Part 2

I had a date with my friend and  former co-worker  Marie. As I looked back doing this post, we are foursome then, when her boyfriend and mine ( now our husbands ) go out way years back. Our meeting had always been set and reset but no meet-ups was done for over a year now. Maybe due to our conflicting schedules aside from the fact that our house is apart. Until a  few days before my birthday that I asked her out.  I'm glad we had a chance to finally set our date as my pre birthdays celebration.

As I plan for so long, we two pamper our hands and feet at The Spa.We two had an endless  topics while having our service. After that Marie introduced me to her family's favorite restaurant which name Contis located at Trinoma Mall. I've tried the Pastel and it's really worth the choice.  I've tasted what I expected though  it's a little bit salty for me..but delicious and recommendable. Lastly,  like any other friends who's not complete without having coffee and dessert - we went to starbucks for fresh brewed coffee, oreo cheesecake and  cafe latte.

The time flies so fast that we need to say goodbye. I know our  next meeting  won't happen anytime soon, but this time  I will cherish the short span memories that we two celebrated my birthday. It will be a fan memory for me to reminisce. Enclosed here is a picture of Marie with her friend. We two chatted each other so much that we forgot to ask the waiter or just ourselves to take some pictures. Oopps! I remember, we had only one, but  she asked  me not to post it- and I agree! :)

Am really glad to see her again  in person - together with her Gucci purse- a gift from her sister-in-law.

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