Monday, September 20, 2010

Balenciaga, Mulberry and Jinky Pacquiao's Hermes

What ever on my wishlist right now, Bags is on the topmost. My  adrenalin really goes high whenever my friends and some relatives had an endless topic regarding this matter. Today, what will I feature is some designer bags that really hunts me. I know I can't  purchase this stuff sooner  or later because of the huge amount, ( sigh ) but  I know this will be on top of my wishlist,. For the moment it will only served as an  inspiration. I am hoping that I won't  hit  my  40's when I grab to have this one - A mulberry or  Balenciaga.  ( Sigh ) Just looking on the collection really make my day!

And also, three pictures from this post is  from  Jinky Pacquiao's Hermes collection, She is - of course the counterpart of Victoria Beckham in the Philippines,  in terms of bag collections. Just as I thought, it's very lucky to be the wife of David Beckham and The Champ- Manny "Pacman " Pacquiao in terms of shopping spree!

Balenciaga Giant First - Sorbet
Balenciaga First Lizard Embossed
Balenciaga Giant First Blue Royale
Mulberry Bayswater in Red
Mulberry Bayswater in Oak
Jinky's Hermes was handcarry by her personal assistant as shown in this photo

Since I  don't have enough  budget as of the moment for this tempting designer " it"  bags, what I opted to purchase next will be a classic from Long Champ. I know - in time - I will own a Mulberry and a Balenciaga .
Long Champ Le Pliage Handbag in Brown
Long Champ Plane'tes Tote Bag in Raisin
You gurls,  what do you want in bags? Are you the type to make a spurge? Share to me what you want to purchase next or  what's on your wishlist perhaps. BTW you can check Mulberry  on NET-A-PORTER  thru Amazon  in the link on this page. All made purchases  to be ship in the Philippines are tax free. No custom charges,  isn't  that great!

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