Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My Little Iya


I know there are huge fans of Tiffany jewelries. I am alone when I am at my college days also wanted to have one, but I can't. So when I started earning for myself I tried to buy jewelries with diamond that  I really liked  but of course- still,  I can't afford  Tiffany diamonds of my choice. For me it's still a dream and hoping someday I will be able to grab one from Tiffany store..daydreaming again..laugh. I think my daughter is luckier than me that she was able to have her tiffany necklace in Elsa Peretti collection, a birthday gift from her dad at the age of 13. The fact that she had a great interest in jewelries than her mother..and the collecting one. giggle. Here's the picture of the Tiffany set of my dream..I don't know if I could  able to afford to buy her, but still- I won't stop myself looking at her.. and if I had a chance, I know I still can't afford to buy the set or maybe I could settle for a lower price perhaps..anyway I try to update you guys if I had a chance to have one..lucky me.! giggle.

Tiffany Metro Hoop  ring diamonds in 18 k white gold .22 carat $ 1,200
Tiffany Hoop earrings with diamonds in 18k white gold large 2.79 carats $ 10,000



Saturday, September 25, 2010

Birthday Celebration Part 3

As I promised , finally this will be the last part of all my birthday article.  I will post some pictures including  my family.  We had a three days in a row celebration- thanks to my husband that He had a three days off  from work to be with us.  It's not a lavish celebration but the fact that we are all together as a family completes all - and made me happy.  As an addition,  it 's my day so they make it a point that I don't do the work,  and give me time to pamper myself - including some shopping, dine- out, spa and  sight seeing! yey!


On the day of my birthday my hubby doesn't  feel well, and at noon time he already had a fever. So as plan, we did'nt able to catch a movie together or a dinner perhaps..anyway, there's always have a next time  isn't it guys?- and it's an understandable situation-just a bad timing :)       

A Gift to myself -yey! Clinique happy perfume with body moisturizer and shower gel-
Some Perfume favorites and other on my wish list...



Monday, September 20, 2010

Balenciaga, Mulberry and Jinky Pacquiao's Hermes

What ever on my wishlist right now, Bags is on the topmost. My  adrenalin really goes high whenever my friends and some relatives had an endless topic regarding this matter. Today, what will I feature is some designer bags that really hunts me. I know I can't  purchase this stuff sooner  or later because of the huge amount, ( sigh ) but  I know this will be on top of my wishlist,. For the moment it will only served as an  inspiration. I am hoping that I won't  hit  my  40's when I grab to have this one - A mulberry or  Balenciaga.  ( Sigh ) Just looking on the collection really make my day!

And also, three pictures from this post is  from  Jinky Pacquiao's Hermes collection, She is - of course the counterpart of Victoria Beckham in the Philippines,  in terms of bag collections. Just as I thought, it's very lucky to be the wife of David Beckham and The Champ- Manny "Pacman " Pacquiao in terms of shopping spree!

Balenciaga Giant First - Sorbet
Balenciaga First Lizard Embossed
Balenciaga Giant First Blue Royale
Mulberry Bayswater in Red
Mulberry Bayswater in Oak
Jinky's Hermes was handcarry by her personal assistant as shown in this photo

Since I  don't have enough  budget as of the moment for this tempting designer " it"  bags, what I opted to purchase next will be a classic from Long Champ. I know - in time - I will own a Mulberry and a Balenciaga .
Long Champ Le Pliage Handbag in Brown
Long Champ Plane'tes Tote Bag in Raisin
You gurls,  what do you want in bags? Are you the type to make a spurge? Share to me what you want to purchase next or  what's on your wishlist perhaps. BTW you can check Mulberry  on NET-A-PORTER  thru Amazon  in the link on this page. All made purchases  to be ship in the Philippines are tax free. No custom charges,  isn't  that great!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Birthday Celebration Part 2

I had a date with my friend and  former co-worker  Marie. As I looked back doing this post, we are foursome then, when her boyfriend and mine ( now our husbands ) go out way years back. Our meeting had always been set and reset but no meet-ups was done for over a year now. Maybe due to our conflicting schedules aside from the fact that our house is apart. Until a  few days before my birthday that I asked her out.  I'm glad we had a chance to finally set our date as my pre birthdays celebration.

As I plan for so long, we two pamper our hands and feet at The Spa.We two had an endless  topics while having our service. After that Marie introduced me to her family's favorite restaurant which name Contis located at Trinoma Mall. I've tried the Pastel and it's really worth the choice.  I've tasted what I expected though  it's a little bit salty for me..but delicious and recommendable. Lastly,  like any other friends who's not complete without having coffee and dessert - we went to starbucks for fresh brewed coffee, oreo cheesecake and  cafe latte.

The time flies so fast that we need to say goodbye. I know our  next meeting  won't happen anytime soon, but this time  I will cherish the short span memories that we two celebrated my birthday. It will be a fan memory for me to reminisce. Enclosed here is a picture of Marie with her friend. We two chatted each other so much that we forgot to ask the waiter or just ourselves to take some pictures. Oopps! I remember, we had only one, but  she asked  me not to post it- and I agree! :)

Am really glad to see her again  in person - together with her Gucci purse- a gift from her sister-in-law.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fashion, Style and Motherhood

Mom is a mom, whatever she is, there could be no even  better than mothers  love.  As we have a saying; mothers knows best!

In terms of  fashion,  now, Mom can be a trendsetter in their own way. Some being  practical who stick to classic style, fashionist but not to the extent to buy  season's trend.. Some also being a frugalista who mix and match new with the old one or what we call vintage.

Today,  not only  movie personalities have the aura of  being a movie stars but even the regular house wife and mom as well. According to fashion critic,  30's is the new 20's  isn't that  a compliment? Gone where the days that moms look like she will have a ton of laundry  basket on her side,  with the look that she can't even comb her hair, thank God! As you could  always see, celebrity stars are given all the privileged to know their status as a mom. This time,  I want to pay tribute to regular moms who  looks like celebrities in their own way. Who gave their effort to look good as if  they were still single, if not-much better and lovelier! To be a continous inspiration to some of  their  friends and colleagues not just for being a good mother but  taking care of herself  too. Being able to be a mother and a wife but not depriving them selves to look best at all times . Even a ton of stress in  daily chores, at home and at work.

dinner with friends
girl's night out

Bonding in Shangrila Boracay
At Time Square New York
A day of shopping with friend
Bonding with son at Ocean Adventure Subic Philippines

I want to thank all lovely moms  for letting me post your gorgeous pictures. I know this post will serve more as an inspiration. Not only being  stylist, but beyond that - being a lovable mom to your children! Cheers to that!                                        

Thursday, September 9, 2010

To Mom with so much Love

I was able to attend a mass yesterday. It's the birthday of my Mom, she turns 70 years old to be exact. But she passed away four years ago. My kids, so with my husband miss him so much. It's sad that her youngest grand daughter has not given a chance to know her grandma personally, She is just eight months old now. I know if  mommy  is still alive at this time, she will always cuddle my little one, strolling early in the morning and will be a one brat granddaughter.

Wherever she is right now  I am praying that she is happy  and contented. We had not been so close to each other because of our differences but I can shout out load that I love her so much -and thanking- that she is my mom -and I am proud of that. I know before she dies she was able to felt that. I can't help myself to say that if I can turn back the clock I hope I was able to lengthen her life, so that she is still with us until this time, but who am I to ask if her time frame in our world is only until  65 years of her life.

So for now my three kids will help me introduce our little baby to know her more according  to our stories  on how good grandmother and a mother she was and a  loving person to others as well .From all of us, we love you mommy and really miss you a lot here! Hoping and praying that where ever you are right now you are happy and contented. See you again soon! We love you and  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthday Part 1- With my Besty

Finally, as I have told you I will post my birthday celebration. This time with my friend named Jen . This is it and one or two more similar post to follow. Sorry for the delay on posting,  I know  it's September now and my birthday month is August, it takes a long while. I hope you all understand.  Hands-on - moms have so many things to do, and I am  lucky  enough to have time  to open my  account  once in a while.

Going back to my story,  we ate at  Old Spaghetti House, what I like here is the ambiance. It seems that I am going back to our province. Mostly with their wall frame tables and chairs- it feels like home to me. Jen and I had really great time, laughing out load. I want to share with you some instance that we both had fun time laughing.  We requested  the waiter to shot a picture of us together and the result is like  thumbnails, the shot was too far. Again we ask  the manager, expecting that she could gave us much better shot ,and the result? She did it us we supposed to have  passport size pictures! It looks like that it will be for a magazine shoot that we are both the cover story, so close up size! So my friend and I settled on posing on camera ourselves so that we too had great pictures hahaha! What about that?! What an experienced!

It really nice to have some time with your closest pal, to cheer you up and make the day the most out of it , just enjoying the time together- forgetting the time passes by. We have some differences but its okay, as long as you accepted ones fault and move on. Just be happy on the accomplishment of each other..nevertheless no competition involved,  for healthy and harmonious relationship. I think that one is a real true meaning of friendship. There is no really such thing as perfect isn't it? Whether it maybe on friends or marital ..the most important thing is- still- being happy with whom you are into! The one that cheers you up and being there through ups and downs.  What do you think?

                                                TOPS & BOLERO :  FOREVER 21
                                                 WATCH                 :  KENNETH COLE
                                                 BANGLES             :  FOREVER 21
                                                 BAG                       :  COACH
I received a body shop shea butter from Jen as a birthday gift. She  really knows that skincare products is one of my weakness. Thanks!                                                        
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