Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Comfort on flats

When you say fashionista almost all of them love girly stuff most especially  real  Christian Loubotin or any look alike kind of shoes. For some, they want it for the reason that legs looks elongated and  walk look sexier. However,  for now  I'm not really into 4-6 inches kind of gurl with whooping stilettos, but  I think wedge is the alternative option for me to look  taller.

Anyway this post is not for stilettos but for flats. I am really overwhelmed that flats does not fade in fashion, most especially now that gladiators flats are in. Atleast  there's some alternative design than the usual doll shoes alone. I'm a comfy type of girl so it means that my style mostly goes with laid-back fashion.

I want to show you some of my favorite flats that I just purchased recently and as an add on,  I also link some of  Tory Burch stuff  that I saw on magazine's run away show  for you to see.  Happy viewing!


 Aside from kenneth Cole,  Tory Burch  ( one of my must have flats on wishlist ) also edges up on  it's Spring / Summer collection down to footwear..come and take a look..



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