Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Color Dazzle

Here are the newest color  for your pout coming from Fall / Autumn Collection  of  Mac Cosmetics..try to take some pick...

Burmese Collection kittenish-deep redberry

To Pamper-Creamy midtown Taupe
Palace Pedigreed Collection- Cunning- Darkberry
Leopard Collection - Drive Me Wild - Coral with Gold Pearl

Superior -  Lavander - Pink with Dazzle Pink Pearl
Really a late bloomer when started to apply cosmetics and nail polishes.  I am  just a lip balm or lip gloss  kind of gurl.. As far as I remember I started buying make up just four years ago. Maybe thru innovation or confusion  if what am I gonna look like - maybe one reason also is I am a yellow race and I think I look pale wearing nothing at alI. I also started to love the colors of different palettes. I am really a lipstick kind of gurl but - now- I am loving the color  of blush too! However as of this moment I don't like wearing eyeshadow... I don't know  maybe my eyes never look prettier on it.

I know that there are  girls who really like or hail make up.,I am happy that they find happiness. For now I can show you some of my happiness too.
 Brushes  from Mac cosmetics

Nars Lipstick in Schiap-my fave! Revlon colorburst in Carnation
Blush from Mac and Loreal

Concealer and Liquid foundation from Marykay
Revlon mineral powder foundation
Make Up Purse from Coach courtesy of Trendy Chic ( facebook )
As an add on here is the new arrival of Suede colors from OPI Nail Lacquer.  I tried to pick top three of my must have colors for  a show up to you readers. You can  check out more colors  thru Amazon.com at $ 2.45 each. ( From top; We'll always have Paris, Hongkong collection Jade is the new black and lastly OPI Ink -Suede ) I think - Here Today Aragon Tommorow is also a great choice. It's Emerald in color! What do you think? I know I ended you guys thinking whatever will be - a make up or a nail polish? For me it's both! hahaha! Till next post folks! I am really happy doing this article... it's a girly thing! Goodnight!

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