Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Color Dazzle

Here are the newest color  for your pout coming from Fall / Autumn Collection  of  Mac Cosmetics..try to take some pick...

Burmese Collection kittenish-deep redberry

To Pamper-Creamy midtown Taupe
Palace Pedigreed Collection- Cunning- Darkberry
Leopard Collection - Drive Me Wild - Coral with Gold Pearl

Superior -  Lavander - Pink with Dazzle Pink Pearl
Really a late bloomer when started to apply cosmetics and nail polishes.  I am  just a lip balm or lip gloss  kind of gurl.. As far as I remember I started buying make up just four years ago. Maybe thru innovation or confusion  if what am I gonna look like - maybe one reason also is I am a yellow race and I think I look pale wearing nothing at alI. I also started to love the colors of different palettes. I am really a lipstick kind of gurl but - now- I am loving the color  of blush too! However as of this moment I don't like wearing eyeshadow... I don't know  maybe my eyes never look prettier on it.

I know that there are  girls who really like or hail make up.,I am happy that they find happiness. For now I can show you some of my happiness too.
 Brushes  from Mac cosmetics

Nars Lipstick in Schiap-my fave! Revlon colorburst in Carnation
Blush from Mac and Loreal

Concealer and Liquid foundation from Marykay
Revlon mineral powder foundation
Make Up Purse from Coach courtesy of Trendy Chic ( facebook )
As an add on here is the new arrival of Suede colors from OPI Nail Lacquer.  I tried to pick top three of my must have colors for  a show up to you readers. You can  check out more colors  thru Amazon.com at $ 2.45 each. ( From top; We'll always have Paris, Hongkong collection Jade is the new black and lastly OPI Ink -Suede ) I think - Here Today Aragon Tommorow is also a great choice. It's Emerald in color! What do you think? I know I ended you guys thinking whatever will be - a make up or a nail polish? For me it's both! hahaha! Till next post folks! I am really happy doing this article... it's a girly thing! Goodnight!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Poppy on the Loose

Coach have painting the web with Poppy Project connecting to so many sites. These is by clicking  and  following the trails. The Poppy pattern  on the right side of this page will grow and so a chance for you to own a  COACH  BAG  just  take a look on the poppy flower on the trails! A good news mostly for  bagaholic or coach  fanatic like me.                                       

So enjoy reading , as the same time click  and  tweet  hashtag that you see, mine is  #Coach Poppy and#audrina. You can also click the like button on the upper right side of this page, even change the hashtag  like #moon and  #heart to see what makes to help the pattern grow - so be creative! Come on,  tweet it now -and loud!

Here is a sample of tweet to get you started:

Girls love sequin. Some boys too! I love #CoachPoppy,and you will too.#audrina


First picture courtesy of sucklife.com                                                       

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Posh Color

Already a late bloomer when I decided to color my nails - and loving them now. So afraid to have an ingrone or yellow nail color that I often used to see that's why. So when I finally decided to try it out with the help of a friend and researching on the right product to use,  finally I have a chic nail polish every now and then.

I normally bring with me a bottle of my own when I go to nail salon for a nail done, due to some unhealthy reason. But most of the time I do it myself.  Often than not I buy  a small bottle for  I only used it alone.

Today the jade color is the new black coming from Chanel. But I love the color of  Orly nail polish with an opaque finish. I might as well try the O.P.I. nail product now, I read from the magazine  and bloggers that's it's nice too. Every now and then I find myself paying  items at the cashier with one nail polish bottle.
Here's some of my favorite color that I usually used, my fave is the red carpet. For now, what's your nail color?

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Coming up - Another Year Older

Again it's August once again, a time to celebrate my birthday. Time to mingle to my set of  friends in one whole month. Materially speaking , what's nice in this kind of  celebration is the chance  to buy what's on your wishlist ( wink ) and a time to receive a present coming from your love one-material wise or not-it doesnt matter of course. ( but I will not discourage them doing so..giggle ) There's a saying ; It's the thoughts that counts!

In these kind of moment  what values most is the chance to see your long time friends- in person and to bond  with them. A day with your family that you will cherish the moments as long as you live. As top on my list  I hope that I could celebrate a day with my dad. It's the best presence I will  ever receive if that will gonna happen..

Becoming sentimental on doing this post..next time I will share with you  some of my birthday celebration soon!

                                                      Chocolate Fudge Birthday Cake 7"

BNIB MAC Viva Glam GAGA Lustre Lipstick
Mac Viva Glam Lady Gaga Lustre lipstick
Jeanne Lanvin by Lanvin for Women. Eau De Parfum Spray 3.4-Ounces
Jeanne Lanvin for women Eau De Parfum Spray

The Body Shop Spa Wisdom™ Africa Shea Butter & Sesame Body Balm
The Body shop Spa wisdom Shea butter and sesame
Nars Blush in Orgasm

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Comfort on flats

When you say fashionista almost all of them love girly stuff most especially  real  Christian Loubotin or any look alike kind of shoes. For some, they want it for the reason that legs looks elongated and  walk look sexier. However,  for now  I'm not really into 4-6 inches kind of gurl with whooping stilettos, but  I think wedge is the alternative option for me to look  taller.

Anyway this post is not for stilettos but for flats. I am really overwhelmed that flats does not fade in fashion, most especially now that gladiators flats are in. Atleast  there's some alternative design than the usual doll shoes alone. I'm a comfy type of girl so it means that my style mostly goes with laid-back fashion.

I want to show you some of my favorite flats that I just purchased recently and as an add on,  I also link some of  Tory Burch stuff  that I saw on magazine's run away show  for you to see.  Happy viewing!


 Aside from kenneth Cole,  Tory Burch  ( one of my must have flats on wishlist ) also edges up on  it's Spring / Summer collection down to footwear..come and take a look..



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