Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Life of a Mom

It's very fulfilling to see your children grow in a manner that is best for them - to be a good person with values at heart. It's very hard at first as a hands on mom, to do all the chores and taking care of your children, same thing as doing run errands at home. But I can tell you that I am very much satisfied with the way motherhood embraces me

I am more attach to my kids now rather than when I am still working. Knowing them with just one look on their face if they are happy or sad,what they want and need completes me as a mom. I try to have a quality time in each one of them by having lunch or snack together, a spa, movie treat or just seat together while sipping coffee or hot chocolate. I think listening and talking to them is a nice way to know them personally and to have a good and harmonious relationship. I took time to be with them individually so that I will know their interest, happiness and what are the things that upset them. After all they are not the same individual, I cannot apply what is best for one will be fit for all.

As my previous experienced, I can't accept the fact that somebody will know my children more than the way I knew them personally. When I am still working, it comes to a point that my son want to have more time to our house helper rather than to be with me. I do not want to happened that again, it really breaks my heart on that scenario. As a mom, I know that mothers out there if given a chance wanted to be at their children side all the time. Most especially in their toddler years, to nurture and protect them. To witness the very first thing that will happen,. a once in a lifetime moment that you can not turn back. However under circumstances not all mothers experienced this and I respect the reason why they can not.

On these case I want to thank God that He able to blessed me to be at my children side all the time. To let me see their achievements and fall and to let them feel that I am always here to path their back when they need support, and to love them unconditionally. Secondly to my husband, to his loving support and unconditonal love to his children and family and for always supporting me in raising my kids.. I can not do this alone - and I commend him for that.

This is my story, my life as a Mom- one tough job but worth it. :)

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