Monday, July 19, 2010

A gift from my Husband

Until now it's very endearing to recall from my memory how excited am I when my husband told me that He will give me a bag as a mothers day present..It's not the very first that he had done this thing, but It's very memorable since, I got what I wanted-and elevated- from the second category of label bag! (wink)

Aside from the kind of gift and brand, I am touch as a wife, that my husband value my existence as a wife, friend and a mother.

I know it's July now and mothers day was celebrated two months ago..but I wanted to share this feeling to those whose bloodline is the same as mine-bagaholics!


  1. I'm a mommy's girl.And in our family,women are always stronger than men,in most areas of life. I've always been influenced by motherly love, and women's intuition.

  2. Beautiful: photos, blog!


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