Thursday, December 30, 2010

Preparing for 2011..Happy New Year!

It's the last day of 2010 and almost everybody's preparing for the coming of  2011! Last night I've been busy marinating the food that I will bake for dinner tonight. This will be again another fun memory to look back with all the fireworks, foods, gifts, evening mass and the last holiday rush of the year.

Media Noche is one of the highlights of the New Year where our family sit down together having  the feast of what we prepare. Aside from food, everyone is now  decorating their table with twelve round fruits, A known  tradition that will give prosperity to the twelve months ahead of the year. Others, having thirteen round fruits to have an additional bonus of one month. Also it's still the time to open some gifts that where not yet given during the Christmas Eve. Aside from the food galore everybody is waiting for  12 midnight for the fireworks! Everybody will make some noise, a belief  to escape the bad spirits and bring in the good ones for the whole year of 2011!

What are you preparing guys or having been busy too? Happy New Year and may 2011 gives you good health and prosperity!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

In time for Holiday

Just got my prize of $100 gift card from Coach Poppy Project. Just one of the lucky bloggers who joined my site to the their project and lucky me that one reader  spot a Coach Poppy bag in my site!..and because of that I won a gift card! Just added some bucks as a Christmas gift to self so that I can able to purchase this Coach Patent Embossed bag. Is it nice? So happy to have this and speaks a lot on my personality. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your family,  friends and love ones! Can't wait to read your post how you celebrate your Christmas, the memories to be reminisce and the news about your purchases and gifts.:) Till my next post! God bless you all!




Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And Another...

Aside from Christmas time,  the month of December really means a lot to me and my family. As you've read in my last post regarding my daughter's birthday, yesterday is another celebration . It's the birthday of  my youngest daughter Iya. If you've been my regular reader, by now you can remember her. It's her 1st birthday yesterday and  we put a lot of effort to mark her 1st a memorable one. We celebrate the occasion at Jollibee  whom the kids love so much aside from it's proudly filipino food chain. We all had a great fun seeing relatives and friends who come all the way to celebrate with us, I'm very thankful for sharing their time. 

Again to my Little Iya happy 1st birthday and we love you a lot! I know you can't speak much to tell me how happy you are with your birthday, but  looking in your eyes tells me that you really had a wonderful time and that means everything to me.


   Thanks for your time reading my post and three days to go and it's Christmas!  Happy holidays everyone!                                 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sweet 16

It's been sixteen years ago since I gave birth to my eldest daughter. Now, it's her day and I thank God for giving me a child that completes me as a woman in an early age.

Of course in sixteen years, we are bonded as twosome..playing,reading,dating, shopping,sharing- but of course as a mom, I know that there are things that she kept to herself and much more revealing to let it known by her friends. But it's okay, as long as she knew her limitations. We also have our differences, sometimes make her screwed and grounded but does not come to a point that she does not  respect me..and she will understand the reason why we do such thing and I thank her for understanding. Really a child-parent relationship is like husband and wife, it takes two to tango.

Now that she's come to her adolescent years it changes a bit on her lifestyle. Now, the celebration will be more on her friends than ours. But it's okay,  it's her happiness that matters most! It's her birthday anyway. I just want to thank you Jenille for being a part of our life, for admitting your mistakes and makes a way to correct it. I know that your journey will just began , and we're always here for you, to guide, cherish, love and support you in every step of the way.

Again Happy Birthday and I love you My Sweet Alynna Jenille. :)


As a gift I gave her a kenneth Cole Hobo Bag that she can use to load all her stuff . Glad  she like it:)

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Stores To Dream About

As a fashion fanatic, I know you too have something to look forward.  A thing to spend about or saving every penny to buy  on what you dream of or  you lust over. For whatever in your mind  right now to purchase next, as for the coming holiday season I just wish that your wishes will all come true. :) As of these moment I just want you to take some peak of the stores that I really drool about. Thanks to my friend  for giving me permission to post this photos all for you.


Monday, December 13, 2010

Wish / Gift List

I hope  it's not yet too late to have a wishlist for the coming Holiday Season. However, this  post can also be a wishlist for the whole year round of 2011.:) Let's start with the bag first....

Stella Mc Cartney  Falabella studded chain trimmed bag
Gucci Sukey medium tote with pleat detail

Marc by Marc Jacobs Leather Bowling Bag

Marc by Marc Jacobs Ostrich Optic Tote
Marc Jacobs Ostrich turnlock purse
See by Chloe Leather and wooden wedge sandals
Dianne Von Furstenberg wooden shoes

7mm A Quality Japanese Akoya cultured pearl earring studs set in 14K yellow gold
A pair of  stud Cultured Pearl  earrings with 18 k white gold

Emporio Armani Watch Women's Steel Bracelet AR0157 - WW
Emporio Armani watch
 I love the Stella Mc Cartney chained bag.  It can be use as a shoulder bag and fold it to transform   as  a purse depending on your mood .I am not really a fan of black purse though but this purse really captured my eyes. Regarding  the sandals, As I've told you wedges and open toe heels are most used in the country all year round so I think this two would be my best bet. 

So may I know what's on your list too? Happy Holidays Everyone!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Gift Suggestion for Super Moms

As I have always tell you folks, Mommies are pretty and beautiful these days. So apart from doing all the daily love routine to the most important person in her life , why not come and get a holiday gift that will sure, she love:)

 Picture is best most with accessories

I love putting scarf this season, the cold breeze in the morning and in late nights warms me, best when sipping  hot coffee and having some chat with your friend or love ones. The weather here in the Philippines only gets colder from this month to February but  the temperature is still tolerable that you could go outside without  so much  layering.  So apart from scarf,  blazer and jacket is a best buy.




But there so much beautiful trench coat and booties  that you could see wearing in colder climates.  I  see them wearing by my fave hollywood celebrities and stylist bloggers. So in my imagination, if I will be outside the country this holiday season,  this will be my pick!


I also feature some  photos of  hollywood celebrities as add on for all of you to see.  Moms who looks best even toting their kids.

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