Monday, September 24, 2012


So Elated!

I am now a site partner of Starbucks! If you're reading my blog for at time now, you will know that I'm a coffee lover and a slight tea lover too. I love to drink dark roast so Italian and Cafe Verona is my favorite blend to brew at home. However when I visit the store I'm after cafe americano, quite alike the taste of italian roast and verona, but if I am the mood for some changes, I will go for a cup of cafe latte. For this reason, that's why I'm  thrilled that I am now one of their site partner!

In line with this, I want you to know that Verismo has arrived at Starbucks! So now if you're looking for a homemade cup of coffee that your favorite Barista make at store, you will love to have one at your own home! Perfect for gift giving and worth as a self gift as well!


Get FREE shipping and a box of coffee pods when you order any Verismo machine.


  1. This machine is def going to take the US market by a storm

  2. oh congrats! I've heard about the verismo machine and I think it's awesome! I have to agree with bravorunway


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