Monday, August 22, 2011

My Birthday!

YESTERDAY  was my birthday and I'm now officially 38 years old! The day started with hugs and kisses. My other half made a three days off from work and my youngest son gave me  a custom made card that looks like a letter/ slogan..that I find very sweet.

WE went for a day out and dinner afterwards and I will tell you the details on my post soon!For the mean time here's the outfit that I put together for my special day.


THE cake and card  that got  me teary eyed. I just noticed that my family post a shout out regarding my age!! hahaha


HERE'S what I've got as a present and I'm very much delightful! The first photo ,I've got as an early bithday gift from hubby one month before my birthday! I'm so much elated that I am speechless for a moment -then scream afterwards! hahahaha!


I want to thank God for another year of life with my love ones right by my side. I know life has many imperfections - but as long as happiness weighs more than the nasty one..It's all that matters.Positive thoughts should rule for a happy life!!                                             


  1. happy belated!!! sounds like you had a wonderful day...thanks to your family! enjoy those fabulous gifts!!

  2. Happy birthday! Beautiful bag :)

  3. I happen to drop by,The cake looks so great,the words are so sweet..and the card ,so adorable,...Happy birthday&best wishes...I can't agree with you more for the last part...

  4. Thanks Becks!:)

  5. @ Katherine, Thank you and again Congrats!:)

  6. Birthday Wishes to you- wonderful blog

  7. Happy Birthday :) wish you all the best!


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