Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Fan of Coach handbags

Just want to share this post to all gals who always had fun reading magazine, seeing a handbag or collecting one. Whatever brand you are into, I am happy for you. Same thing that I am happy whenever my friend and I able to purchased one. After  receiving  a coach handbag and  make up purse as a gift,  I am planning to purchase one again in the near future. As of this moment I am happy to flip pages of magazine and browse sites to complete my decision which is which.

It will be very much appreciated  if you could help me choose one though . I have three in mind.  Since I am looking for a large type, I like the one used by Amanda Seyfried, which is kristin tote
Coach Graphic Op Art Signature Sequin Kristin Shoulder Hobo Bag Purse Multi Camilla Belle, in  Maggie large  LeatherCoach Cobalt Patent Large Maggie Satchel and Jessica Stroup, with Julianne Large Tote. COACH Madison Julianne Patent Leather 2-Way Tote Limited Edition 12973 - Ivory/Brass

Hope you could help me decide...till my next post.

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