Monday, May 21, 2018


Been trying different kinds of skincare lately to suit to my skin concern. Above all, a favorite type consist of serums and night moisturizers. For me, it's the most helpful skincare that skin will benefit most, but the one you needed to invest in. 

Being a mom of four, i figured out that aside from birthday, May month in celebration of Mother's Day is a good excuse to cross out some bucket list, gifted or not, skincare is obviously on top of priority.

I share below some of my recent finds and what currently i'm loving right now.

Jade Roller - I don't know where i have been or what's in my mind that it's just recently that i got the chance to have this one. Aside from this cleansing tool that i normally use twice a day, jade roller is a beauty must have in every skincare routine. I use it twice a day, morning and night in an upward motion and after nearly four weeks of using, i notice that my skin glow, it tones and help sculpt mostly in the jaw line and also depuff under eye bags. Jade roller also helps release tension and stress when using. The best to put in in the fridge and roll on your face after your skincare ritual, to help the skincare sink in,  to achieve ultimate result. 

Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Facial Toner - I've been a fan of toner eversince i've started using skincare, and as i remember, toner is the first skincare that invade my vanity kit back then. From then on, i venture into different variant in in which my skin has concern most. And there are mainly three types that i'm looking for when i purchase ; brightening, purifying / clarifying and lastly, resurfacing.

I get my hands on Fresh Umbrian Clay Purifying Facial Toner to help minimize pores and mattifies the skin, i have a combination skin type so a toner that helps minimize the shine is always a must have, i normally use this in the morning and the other two i alternate at night. This time i tried Fresh toner since I've read and heard good reviews about them so i let myself in and give it a try. The only downside is that it has a strong smell for my liking, but getting use to it since i really wanted to know how will the result goes on me. So as i type this, i'm quite satisfied with the result since it really help to matifies my face and avoid the greasy face look that i normally achieve in summer, in a hot and humid tropical climate. As an add on benefit, will keep you posted on how it minimize pores and if it soften the skin too, as brand promise, soon. You can purchase local here.

Origins Plantscription Powerful Lifting Concentrate - This is potion in a bottle for me. All that i want in a skincare compose in this concentrate as it helps sculpt your face, lift, brightens and firm. It has a citrus smell that helps calm your senses, too. And to say that the radiance effect on me is unparalleled. In all fairness i can say that you can benefit the radiance effect in all Origins Plantscription line, as i personally tested their cream and serum and it gives the same result on me. This is one to consider if you're looking for an intensive skincare with the same benefits as i mention above. 30 ml for all skin types. You can also find it here in US.

Pixi Rose Caviar Essence with Rose and Grape Seed Oil - I must admit, i got hook to try this because of the look of the serum, if you look closely, it has encapsulated flowers in it. How pretty is that, right? And also if you are like me who is a fan of rose, you will terribly love the scent. I have a happy thoughts every time time i apply this essence since it brings back memories from my childhood - When looking through the window, a perfect time in early morning you will see an array of potted rose plants with variety of colors, shapes and types. The best part is that, the smell is fascinating. So, that reason alone Rose Caviar Essence is a must tube to mingle in my vanity table. 

Benefit wise, rose helps to hydrate and restore. Soften, refine and tone. This essence also helps brightens and bring radiance to the skin as it also helps diminish discoloration. 45 ml,  for all skin types.

What type of skincare do you enjoy using as of late? 

Sunday, March 25, 2018


It's summer here and in our garden, the flowering plants like bougonvillaes, hibiscus, roses and calachuchi are already in full bloom. The rose vines are going lush and wild and needed to put a trellis for support. It's a joy to  look at it  in the morning, while watering the plants or just by staring at it through the window, while hearing the birds chirping. It's the stillness and beauty of nature that put my mind in the right perspective.

It's also the time to begin planting so i already check for my seed stash. It becomes a family tradition here for years to plant from scratch every summer. It's fulfilling to see all those seedlings grow and turn into a good harvest and serve some of the veggies from garden to our table. All of those plants started to grow from hope, care, and love. Actually it's not always about the  harvest, though it makes me and the kids giddyπŸ˜‰ but mostly it's all about the mental aspects that it gives, it's therapeutic. Just looking at them makes me happy. Aside from the fact that it's a good bonding time for us all, as a family. A good source of conversation infront of the table, there so many stories to tell, like Iya who name all the seedlings last year that makes us all laugh each time. I know all of you plant parents can attest to the happiness plants brought to our lives.😘

Looking back at my childhood, I grew up in a yard with a variety of fruit bearing trees, ornamental plants and a garden full of vegetables and herbs. So i'm not surprise if I ended up loving and appreciating nature in general. In our home way back, my mom love to decorate different variety of hanging plants, but she also love to mix our home with artificial plants that she loves to put in one coner, and some on top of the table. I remember a part of my chores growing up is to wipe those "leaves". Before, i even asked her why she like having artificial plants and don't put a real plants instead. She always uttered; There some variety of plants that is hard to grow so having them is a good alternative for me. Sometimes you need to have a plan B if your plan A doesn't work. So for her, that's an ultimate solution.

From then on at a young age, I have learned to understand that there's a certain option if one situation doen't work, and even a green thumb experience to have a black thumb in some circumstances. So it's only a matter of finding solution. For me, i really love growing plants, but i also remember in early years of home making that I also bought some artificial plants to decorate in our room. It's true that a child can mimic the life's rhythm in their childhood, in their growing up years. And in my case, I have mimic some ways of my mom in that way.

So there should not have judgement whether or not you can grow from seeds , direct bought a growing plant or if finding solution is just like what my mom did, you can just bought an artificial to beautify your space. It's a choice, may it be real,  or a mix of both, it doesn't matter as long as it give serenity and happiness, go with it, right? It's a privilege to feel your house, a home in whatever type a homemaker put a personal touch in one space. And we should always remember that each one of us has a unique kind of taste and lifestyle to go along with it.

If you're looking for some varieries for your home, you can check some collections here, if my mom is still with me, i know she will pick gardenia to put in one corner of her room and this one is a pretty centerpiece too for my liking. 

Happy almost weekend to all.

Till then,

*This is a sponsored post by Silk Plants Direct, anything written is base in my own thoughts and opinions.

Friday, February 23, 2018


"A happy wife, a happy life. A happy mom, a happy kids. A happy home."

Haaappyy Friday! How's your week doing so far?I've been happy and cool this past few weeks. Less moments that I feel stressful nor doing my moms signature "lions roar" ha ha ha. Isn't it strange how a change of scenery and routine does wonder into our system, even just for a while. Are you agree with that? It doesn' t matter if you are a mom or not, I'm referring to all,  in general.

And remember the time I wrote and mention I'm hoping to see my friends this month? Well, we did! It was really an unforgettable day last week. I would never, ever, forget the night before I almost could not sleep, and think how well will I react to see my friend whom I don't see in person for soooo looong!!!I'm reaally, reaaally got excited. And that moment we saw and hug each other, three times!!! ( I think ) It's such a magical✨ feeling for me. I almost cried in joy inside of me. Love that kind of feeling. It's like we turn back time, the emotions and the clarity back then is so clear and fresh in my mind that I can still relate and remember, loud and clear.

It's a day of excitement, hard laughs and a good and memorable conversation over coffee, ramen and wine. A day could not be too long and the night can be too short when you are in a good company. A friend that feels like family and feels you are home. I can get use of having a night or day with them once in a while, and I hope it will not take another lifetime for our next meet up.

How about you? How often do you spend time with your friends nowadays? Does mom life makes a big impact to step back with your old routine? Or does marriage and motherhood change the way you spend time with your friends? Just an interesting open conversation if you might want to share your thoughts.

Have a great wekend to all.

Till then,

Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Though I do not shop often but if there's a chance, most if there's an occasion involve, I grab and take the opportunity to cross some of my list. Having those helps me to prioritize what I REALLY need and refrain from purchasing what I only want. You know, mom thing. But in some occasion, there's an excuse and I also grab to have some in the want list, too. And when that happens, you know the feeling, right?😊😘

I want to share some of my current wishlist, and some that I already purchase that makes me giddy.I sort this post to two categories, Skincare and Cosmetics. Mixing them both will lay your eyes to read a long post, huh! So for now let me first start with Skincare, since for me, having a good canvas is important.

Caudalie Vinoperfect Concentrated Brightening Essence - After I receive and use the Caudalie Beauty Elixir, I'm in love. It has a luxurious refreshing minty smell feels like you just come out from a nice soothing facial spa. Now I can't wait to try the other varieties, but first let me start with the Vino Perfect Brightening Essence. I'm hooked with anything that makes skin luminous and can help brighten dark spots. Bonus part that it can also help plump the skin, too. I have this thing that whenever I fall for the product, then I fall for the brand too. It's like a start of a new relationship, a new addiction, and for some of you who know me, knows this will happen, right?😊😬

Estelle & Thild Super Bioactive Lifting Eye Serum - For a time I'm longing to try this product, there's something about it that I'm intrigued.  Maybe because any words that promise lifting ring a bell on me right now, ha ha ha! This will be a next purchase to try, though I still love the effect on me of the Laneige perfect Renew Eye Cream. But in most time, if there's something you can't get out of your head, then you need to go with it, right? This is what I feel about the Estelle & Thild lifting Eye Serum.

Lancome Renergie Lift Multi- Action Night Cream - I have tried and tested this product as a gift with purchase and love the immediate result on me after days of use. The only downside is, it cost too much that I need to have a good reason to buy it so I won't feel the guilt. But I know, it's a pot of gold that my skin will thank me. Including  Lancome Tonique Radiance that will looks like a good combo. I hope hubby is not too busy to read this post hahaha. Hint. Hint.😝🎁

Laneige Perfect Renew Emulsion - I'm not new to this brand and without a fail I consistently replenish and repurchase skincare from their brand. So another on the wishlist is the Emulsion that I have not tried yet but I know will have a good result and Firming Sleeping Mask  is included in the list too. My current sleeping mask run low by now and I love the result that it's a need to repurchase that I can't live without. 

Ren Radiance Perfecting Serum - Oh this product is, DIVINE!! I have emptied two bottles way back and I can't forget how the effect is true to the description! How I wish Luxola, now Sephora Philippines could cater again this brand. It's another brand that I call a gold in a bottle.  And If there's a chance,  I know this brand is truly an addicting one!

The Body Shop Spa of the World Thai Makrut Lime Firming Oil - I have been loyal to this brand through and through. I love anything that I've tried and it does wonder to my dry - combination skin. But I have this trait of only buying what I already tried and replenish what I only needed. Same with  their Shea Hand Cream and a favorite Olive Shower Gel that are all good for my dry type skin. Then the SA  gave me a sample from their Oils of Life line and got intrigued about one of the Spa of the World product which is the Lime firming oil from near shelf. I can't wait to try this product!

What kind of  skincare do you have now  in your wishlist? Does some of the list above ring a bell on you? Or have you already try one or more from the list? what"s your thoughts about it?

Sunday, February 4, 2018


Hello! We are now in February month and in less than two weeks away we will be celebrating Valentine's day. Are you the type of person who makes big on that day? And, why does days come so fast, no? 

Before I knew it, my eight years old daughter reminded me that we should have a date this month. Then also asked me why does people celebrate Valentine's day. A start of a pretty conversation for both of us, to her most. Sometimes somebody need to be reminded that there's occasion to be celebrate. Sometimes, I forgot to think about this, maybe because I've age? or maybe I've already passed on this phase? I don't know. But one thing I'm sure off, that since I become busy taking care of my family, ( which I love to do, don't get me wrong on that. ) I never thought of what day is or what day or months are needed to be celebrate. Maybe because I'm too much engaged on what I've been doing on a daily basis and it's not that I'm not excited anymore as before. But, I just get loss on track ha ha ha! I also come to think that I forgot about it since I have learned how to celebrate life on a day to day basis, in my own little way,  big or small. 

But, wait! Maybe excluded to what celebration I loose tracks are ; birthdays, Christmas and Lent since these are the seasons that I have always looking forward to come ever since. But since my daughter reminded me, I want to take this chance to catch up with old friends that I have never seen for long and celebrate with them, too. I hope it will push through though.

Speaking of inspiration, how do you make your day inspiring? To perk you up most when you woke up feeling gloomy and heavy? My day like should start, if not, should compose of looking at the sunrise from my window, sipping coffee place in a pretty mug or cup, stretching or Pilates, a moment with my pocket garden watering, while hearing the birds chirping. And, some quiet time just to reconcile with my thoughts, helps too.

Maybe there's some explanation why seeing beautiful and pretty things transforms ones mood to become lively or inspiring. Do you think so, too? Like a person looking at pretty things. Mine is just staring on my plants with some pink and white flowers over it or simply looking at the greenery if flowers are not in bloom. Or, just looking at my cupboard with the colorful mugs and cups line on it while finishing my morning cuppa. It's the little things that make me smile and a few reasons to perk me up. What about you? What are the things that inspires you to go through your day?

Speaking of pretty things, for all dainty cups and mugs lovers out there, this is your chance to grab a piece or a set in your wishlist without breaking off the bank! You can view the collection on sale here and enjoy fifty ( 50 ) percent off! Now, until February 22, without a need for a promo code!😍 Enjoy shopping and hope to grab one for me, too! Happiness overloadπŸ’“☕️

Thanks for dropping by.

Till then,

Wednesday, January 31, 2018


A couple of months ago made me busy like a queen bee celebrating and soaking on holidays, and who doesn't? But a continuation of it was made up to this month, until the last drop of it, birthdays, anniversary and the like. Been almost drain as a mom, but in a good way, of course.

As always, though there are hard days and hard times, it's important we know that our heart is full on what we do to survive, right? And when we do that,  taking a step back and rest for a while is all we need to replenish our strength and renew our energy, then we can come out as a new person again, ready to take all the challenges. I believe it's only on a matter of attitude on how we deal with our day to day living.

But to sum out, being grateful should be the first thing to do. As I always tell to myself whenever I experience difficulties, there's somebody out there having difficult moments to strive and survive their life with, rather than I do. And the first thing to do is to appreciate little moments and little victories and to live with it, through that I can keep myself grounded,  It's also important to have a relationship with Him and pray, not only for ourselves and with our own intentions but for others, too. Then when time comes that we receive a blessing, we should be grateful, somehow our prayers was granted because somebody also do that for us. I always believe in the power of the prayer warriors.

Mom life is hard but it's a sweet, rewarding and fulfilling life. Not everyone was given a chance to experience the miracle of having one. So for all of us that are already given the chance should celebrate each day with our children and for those who are still longing, i've been there and know how it feels, but don't loose hope, time will come that you will be bless and cuddle with one.We as moms have our ups and downs but we should celebrate each day to be on it even though there are days that we felt guilty, asking ourselves if we are worthy, but through that insights we are mold to be the better person and a good version of ourselves. In this digital world that almost all moms seek their own tribe and out to help one another, to be an inspiration to each other, so sharing experiences can help others to survive motherhood with all the branches of it that embodies.Maybe one could overcome the same path that you have gone through in your life through sharing and commenting, if not, atleast as a guideline to others. As we have different path of mothering and or parenting but our goal and our heart are all the same with the love that we all endure for our children. 

Sharing a positive morning to each of you. 

And I hope to come out on a new blog post the soonest possible time. For a more updated post you can reach me on instagram with username: audrina_julia.

Happy almost weekend to all!


Thursday, October 5, 2017


Is it normal for you to have spiritual activities the way you long for physical rejuvenation? To renew strength and to go on with day life? Or do you already have that balance? If none yet,  what particular practice do you engage in to achieve that or have you already started?

Motherhood is an expression of gratefulness and pure joy but accompanies a tough responsibilities to raise a good and responsible human beings. If this is your mothering goal, I applause you. Even in studies, they said that: Family is the small section of the community, and if there are harmonious relationship within the family, chances are the children raise in that kind of environment have a higher chance to live in a normal and peaceful life. 

But in doing so, parents and us, mothers should embrace that responsibility from the start  to raise a responsible and discipline kid. A family that always there to support is one of the good foundation wherein children must be guided with good values. This is an open topic for all, where in we could help, learn and relate to each other. Implementing values most especially discipline, for that word alone is a hard job i know, aside from all of us are in the different kind of mothering platform. But I know in our hearts we are loving and responsible in our own way, and we could surpass all the challenges and struggles hand in hand. 

Last week I came out from a good massage and I know my physical self thank me so much for doing so. Sometimes when routine and multi- tasking sinks in your system, it's a cycle that only stops when your body became less functional. In my case, I became less focus and it's hard for me to become the best version of myself. Then whenever I feel that way I know, it's time to pause and take a break. How do you deal with this kind of moments at your end? 

But there are times....

Even if I nurture my physical body, there's a portion of me that is left hollow that feels I'm still drain. It's not that I'm lost, rather I want some spiritual nourishment that I want to fill. Sometimes physical rejuvenation helps but combining it with spiritual growth is much better. That's when I know I needed spiritual guidance. Yes, I pray, a lot. I also read gospels but that is something I do on my own. This time I'm longing to hear something from others the way I always looking forward to hear Sunday gospel. 

And very timely, a few days ago I joined a Recollection. This is a topic on how to strengthen the values of individual with the help of surrounding community, school and family. Parenting lies so much importance in nurturing a responsible individual and we also engage in topics how parents especially mothers should learn to equally balance her TIME to avoid future cause of problems and anxiety. And that, I want to share with you. It says that; To strenthen the family our TIME should be EQUALLY divided to four parts; Within OURSELVES, our SPOUSE,  our CHILDREN and our NEEDS. There's no way the other should weigh more than the rest or the family and our relationship to each other will collide, so each should get an equal fair of time to fulfill the balance. 

I learned so much with an afternoon stay with a celebration of mass to end the day, I left the room like a brand new person with new understandings to incorporate in our daily living. And also, it's very empowering  to hear that some of your daily doings are set on the right foot. Are you too have the feelings of guilt in raising your children? The questions am I doing enough? Am I not too strict or too lenient? Am I raising a positive and well mannered individual? Some nerve wrecking questions lies in my mind that put anxiety to say the least, most especially to the violence we have in our society at the moment. 

Life is a continuous learning process as well as parenting no? And in what ever platform we are at right now in our lives, knowledge and understanding is always the key to brighten up, to deal with daily endeavor so we can surpass day life challenges. 

What I experienced from the Recollection is very helpful and empowering. I know this will not be the last I will attend to those kind of spiritual session as it can help a lot to renew sanity. It also reminds me of the time we are in our primary and secondary year that the school held Recollection for all the students. It helps a lot to build communication and relationship with Him at a young age. Did you ever try to attend Recollection? How does it help you as a person?

I will end this very long post of mine with giving you a positive thoughts and energy that we could do all thing by His help. I pray that we can able to grow a beautiful human spirit to spread LOVE and KINDNESS throughout the world. 


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